Rocking The SATs

The first part of the SATs, the Essay, was by far the most fun out of the entire experience. The Topic was something that i’ve thought about extensively by myself, the Absence of Emotion as a means to Objectively Judge a Situation, or AEOJS. rofl. I wrote and wrote for 25 minutes, then, half way into my 4th detailed paragraph, time ran out. I had a mere moment of panic, then I remembered. The Score is something you give yourself. I smiled, closed the book, and followed directions for the next 5 hours. Now, I will put what I would’ve wrote had I had an extra 10 minutes.

“Emotions provide us humans with our interconnectedness; the absence of emotions for too long a period can force us to lose sight of our motivation, desires, our drives. Maslow believed in Self-Actualization, the final greatest being that one can possibly attain only through the fulfillment of all secondary needs. For a long time, I thought that the logical, human differential of controlling emotions was a need that must be fulfilled in order to achieve Self-Actualization. I now know that I was wrong, and that Self-Actualization is not the Absence of Emotion, but rather the Essence of Emotion. The Roots of Emotion are our biological responses to the world we create around us, to be Self Actualized is to be able to predict the response, proclaim the response, master the response. It is not, as I have in my younger years professed, a complete disintegration of emotion to avoid the responses that might arise from being a slave to such painful conditions. It is simply to be so in tune with emotion, so immersed with its essence, that the emotion does not signify the response, only the nudge. To be Self-Actualized, is to choose your own response to the emotion. To control emotions is to master emotion’s creations.

We live in a world where emotions cannot be avoided, no matter how desperately some of us try. It is the essential Fruit of life; the sour, the sweet, the bitter, the Umami of life unsaid. We can choose to avoid the fruit, but it will still be eaten by others. We can be a slave to the fruit, and change according to the whims of the sour, the sweet, the bitter of life, or we can Taste the sweet, the sour, the bitter, and knowingly decide what to do with such a glorious subjugation of life. Let’s Eat. “

=) Look at what cannot be contained by the artificial construct of Time. The SATs were simply the fruit I chose to eat, and the bitter response it had a predilection to carry fell short of manifestation. These simple observations affirm my constructed joy as real and immeasurable. I am happy, because I chose to be.