To Be Loved.

So.. I’m a very… Self-defeating person. was. Was a self-defeating person. I’m starting to be more.. Self-appreciating. of my gifts, talents and way of life. So Alex was telling a story over Ventrilo, about a game of beerpong. It wasn’t until Jeremy came in that he started talking about the details, Steven went and played a game of beerpong with some people at a party, and a really hot girl got Wasted enough to kiss Steven. There is something about this, and their disbelief that just.. got to me. a common man gets an uncommon gift. The Weak rising above standards and tasting greatness. They feel jealousy for being able to kiss such a hot girl. I feel… i dont know. Pained for some reason. maybe because Alex and Jeremy are all close like best friends? Maybe cause im wondering why he didnt tell me? There is a part of me that really wants a best friend, or someone to talk about this kind of stuff with. but then when i think about it, im not that easy to talk about this stuff with.

Maybe i need one. i think i want one. a Best Friend.

74% Mind
10% Body
7% Home
0% Comp
)% Girl
)% Job
0% Connect
Be easy about this, have fun with it!

A mind free of constraints and devoid of being clouded by emotion

A body that speaks truth and strength without saying a word.

A place to one day call Home

A Loyal dog, and or A Best friend, Companion to live with through life’s eyes.

A girl to love and who loves me back.

A job too fun to be called Work

A Connection to the World and future, a Computer, Communications.


2 thoughts on “To Be Loved.

  1. That pain that you felt about alex and jeremy feeling jealous about not being able to kiss a hot girl is your own jealousy of them feeling jealous. But there are many more reasons why you could have felt that way. Before you go into that, answer this. What is a true best friend?

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