Wrote this long time ago, Torment

Those who think like me, or rather, those who are tormented with thoughts like me think of absolutely everything. It is these people who are flawed to be broken. Thinking of everything automatically means you think of everyone; every possibility, every aspect. Thinking of everything automatically procures negative thoughts and possibilities. What doesn’t happen too often is thinking of positive thoughts, simply because the world we live in has given us the belief that we are better off than others, so that we should be happy with what we have and not need anything more. The problem with this thought on truly twisted people, such as myself, is that we automatically feel a sense of completeness for seeing every part of a situation, both the good and the bad. We see the world as a balance, and to differ from the rest of the world, do not strive for the advancement of good over evil. It is illogical to do so. I suppose this makes us inhuman, mechanical, seemingly cold.


One thought on “Wrote this long time ago, Torment

  1. Heh, its like me thinking of the worst possible scenario and or future that could happen. Our brains naturally do not allow this sort of contradiction to arise. Thinking about what might not happen will of course create self-doubt.

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