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In this world, there is no such thing as knowledge. Knowledge is simply the past possibilities made true through the affirmations of one’s thoughts. The rest of the possibilities undiscovered lies for you to choose.
Like watching the rave master ending. We know that the two get married, and thats how it ends. but there’s so much more to be said. The Knowledge of what is true has been set, but the possibilities you imagine lies undiscovered. so no one knows anything, its just what someone chose to be true, what someone chose to be the story.


One thought on “Possibilities

  1. omoshiroii (interesting) but by saying that knowledge doesnt exist isnt entirely true at all. Knowledge is more like an accumulation of a memory of something because of real experience or passed down through words or speech. Although i do not know the end of rave master, the ending already has a set event that will definitely take place since the author made it up. Its a prediction that will 100% come true. If you’re talking about a couple that you know and you wanted to see the outcome of their lives within a fixed time period, then this so called “knowledge” comes into effect. Thus you can take account everything that you remember and base an ending (of your choice) as a possible ending for that couple.

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