another old, posting for archive puropses. i wrote a small song while in the car

You leave this earth as when you start
naked and pure of heart
free of desire to trouble you
until the day you say you say i love you

You get attached too close too hurt
leaving you in on high alert
afraid of being hurt again
you want this sad story to end
Unless you’ve lived apart from doubt
free of hisitation of a clouds

I want to say, my heart remains
and that nothing you say, will change my ways.
Only the death in life, can come between us now
and even then, we’ll see each other again.

One day the truth will out
You’ll see what i’m all about
I want to grow old with you
And have you stay and be my muse

I write this song, to let out the truth
Breaking down, my childhood, my youth
Time to grow up, do adult things
and fly with you, with this wings.

Fresh lives abound, out hearts are sound
our children cry, we can’t say goodbye.
School starts, bullys leave their mark
We intervene, and start a scene

But that is our life now, as mom and dad.
We are so proud and yet so sad.

You are growing up, like we once were
Our end is near, and your start is here
When the kids are gone, all that’s left
is me and you, Yeah it’s true.
We sing out loud, this is what we’re all about about
True love remains, till death do us part.
I love you, and love me too, Let’s say goodbye, Bid this world Adieu.


One thought on “Purpose

  1. This signifies your transformation from a youth into an adult? After many thoughts about this, its impossible to still think you’re a child when your body doesnt match the age group. Thus, the only way to act is more mature but with a twist of childishness inside just to get any random feelings out.

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