Week of 9/11

lets keep it brief, i’m tired.

Monday, went shopping with audrey, bought shoes, labor day, bought Vans and Nike Blazers that are ordered and on their way. Tuesday, school, wore red polo plaid and the shoes. Wednesday, had my meeting with Maiers, told me to sign up for BYU. Done so. Hung out with Anthony, did some crazy shit, ate InandOut, delivered a package, wrote some stuff, ate a volcano burrito, epiphany, but nothing i haven’t already recently learned. Thursday, wore Choices Tee and shorts, hot as hell. Friday, funnyness, i was all lost in thought and contemplative when Mr Martin with his brimming personality walks by, says hey, and runs to the door. Such Energy, and here i am worrying. God i need to learn how to be a kid. =( and while i was contemplative, i passed by Gina when she said hi and didn’t notice until she was gone. =( Note to self, Contemplate IN class, not after. OH, Manno, scary Anonymous music, Requiem for a Dream by Lux Atena. Seriously, i might’ve cried if i wasn’t so composed. nothing else, thats it. mmm. More later, i want sleep.


One thought on “Week of 9/11

  1. Is it really being composed? Or is it denial and rejection of the existence of being emotional? Would expressing emotion be such a manly thing that one would shut out his feelings from the world? Or maybe its just that the depth of the sorrow that you breathe in for each second of the events you hear for 9/11? May all of their souls, Rest in Peace. And may their religious leader or family bless them for all eternity.

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