Dinner with the Family

Allen and Lawrence. Two sons in my extended family. They have a home, they belong in San Francisco, and they can express Joy. God they are fun, and i saw them, all full of laughter and creative Wit. I decided I want to be happy like that. At the moment i don’t know how to loosen up like that, at the moment i don’t want anything like they want things. At the moment. At the moment, i want to Sleep.

“Good riddance to the things we hated and may we not miss the things we love”


One thought on “Dinner with the Family

  1. I disagree, its not that you dont know how to loosen up but rather you dont want to loosen up. I’m not saying that you have painful memories locked up inside of you; however, the possibility of having such experiences erupting from inside of you be contained would cause a lot more damage. The first step in relaxing is to rethink those memories and let go of what has happened in the past. Use what you learn from the past to correct what will happen in the future. For only you can change your own fate.

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