Walk up to a girl, stare into her eyes, give a soft smile, and say
“He’s a lucky man.”
She replies, “Who?”
“That boyfriend of yours.” you say.
Then you start walking away, waiting for a response.
If no response, you just walk away looking cool, either they respond cause they want to talk, or they dont because they dont want to or they actually have a boyfriend.
If they do respond, reply as follows.
“I dont have a boyfriend”
“Then how about I be your boyfriend?” or
“Then how about you go out with me?”
“Be my boyfriend? I don’t even know your name.”
“Andrew. Nice to meet you. =)”

Essentially, this limits rejection, provides a way out at all times, and leaves the woman to spur the conversation, provided she desires to.


One thought on “GREAT PICKUP LINE.

  1. contradicts with your previous post. i understand how that technique would work but not everyone’s train of though and action would play into the possibilities you have mentioned. Now i must say this is indeed a “cute” pickup line and one of the more easy version of “pick up” lines. Many people of the 21st century are more educated and have a more complex thinking ability. Therefore stronger and effective pickup lines are required. The usage of metaphors, similes and lots and lots of figurative language can charm any girl. However, the flaw in this is, if you dont know the person, then how would you approach the person at all? I will support any one of your actions in which is beneficial to both you and others, especially if it has to do with being with another person. ;D

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