The Smell.

Hey, sorry about not blogging, blog. A LOT has been happening, and I don’t really know how to construe into words what I am thinking at that present time at the moment. A few highlights.
On Monday, Alexa (Alexi?) was cold, so I offered her my jacket. Then, at the end of class, she asked me if I wanted to go to prom with her. I was floored, but there was thankfully, only a few seconds until I answered “I’d love to.” Now honestly, I barely know this girl. I don’t know her first name exactly, let alone her last name. but she asked me, I have no idea why, but you can bet i’m obsessing about it. Did she ask me because I was the new friend she made? Did she ask me because she knew I wasn’t going to say no? Did she ask me so early because she was afraid someone might ask me later? Did she ask me because she likes me? I haven’t mentioned a word about prom since Monday, we’ve just been hanging out and talking about random stuff, getting to know each other. I suppose i’ll have to ask her about it on Friday. OH and another thing. She gave me the jacket back on Wednesday, and she said “sorry if it still smells like me, it’s vanilla body mist.” “I was going to wash it, but the washer was full.” Afterwards, In 4th period, the period after 3rd which is what I have with her, my mind started to unravel. Me and Erica Wendroff sit in US History and talked. The smell of Vanilla body mist is not on where it would be if it had come off her body and onto the clothes. It was on the back and on the front, not the inside. So the conclusion: did she spray it there on purpose? If she did, why? Is she messing with me? Was asking me to prom the first step in messing with me? Does she like me enough to spray something on it so that i’d smell her, remember her, get to know her? Did she fall asleep on some clothes that smelled of Vanilla Body mist for hours and hours and now it’s forever imprinted onto my jacket? The jacket is currently on my bed, and its started to drive me crazy. Good crazy though, I’ve started to care enough about something that I might get hurt.

Side note, got Oakleys Glasses, and Love fest this weekend, along with afterparty. It’ll be fun. Should I try marijuana? who knows haha. Need a haircut. Grades are slipping. Acne is a game i don’t want to play. Diet needs to be managed.


3 thoughts on “The Smell.

  1. dont get addicted to marijuana, or you’ll get the boot from the team. anyways, your questions and doubts cloud your thoughts significantly. The answer is GO WITH HER, alexa or alexi or whatever. you have nearly 6 months to be with her and get to know her as a friend. I mean geez, you’re probably the most doubtful guy i know when it comes to a small situation like this. No questions asked or will be asked, this section is

  2. Thats a bunch of baloney, just go dont think, just go, dont think, just go. doubts causes failure and that’s not a good thing.

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