Lovefest 09

This is what I wrote at Lovefest Afterparty 09.

So many in free spirits. Sooooo much weed. So much love. $4 for basic drinks. 4 hours to go. Dj Skills in a Santa Hat for the win. So I ran into Jessica Bandel today. She looked hot in an Angel outfit. Must’ve been LOA cause I mentioned her yesterday, Friday. The first thing she asked me was “Do You Smoke?” The Music was awesome. deadmau5, Groove armada, Eddie Halliwell, Tiesto.

Yep. it was a fun Night. and then afterwards at 4am or so, we got out and went to hotel room, almost got our friends kicked out but I took care of it, then we went and got some food at some shady place, I bought something with 4 pineapple pieces which made me sick. OH then we had to run to the San Francisco Terminal to get to the AC Tranbay 0. Turns out we were 30 minutes early. The ride back was easy I fell asleep. Then we walked to Eric’s place and split up. Then I Slept from 8am-5pm, got on, and had a Scrim. Damn I sucked at CS.

So I need to buy some Chocolate for someone’s birthday. I also need to come up with some prom money. and I need a haircut.


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