Woo Haircut! Yeah its a lot shorter now, and its a little uneven but that’s just cause of the lack of natural oils in the hair. I have two options: let it stay where it may until the natural oils kick in again, or use a gel or something to make it look normal haha. So yeah, lets see..

Period 1, English, wrote essay, I feel good about it, corrected an essay too, blah blah.
Period 2, Gov, did some Constitutional review cause’ he’s making us retake our test from Friday; must’ve been dismal.
Period 3, Enviro, Did some work which I cranked out easily, we got a shit ton of projects which are NOT my forte. Alexa was in a funk, she didn’t get any sleep cause her mom snored? lol.
Period 4, USHistory, got a 92/100 on the test, I had a hunch that was what I was going to get. I completely bombed the essay question, but that was just my laziness.
Period 5, knocked out the Classwork, offhandedly told someone I went to the after party at love fest and they looked at me funny. I suppose I don’t look the part, but Looks can be deceiving; nothing is ever as it seems.
Period 6, GameDes, chilled, played FarCry2, that mouse is absolutely terrible. and Jessica took pictures of me that I kinda like, I looked good in em haha.

Afterschool, got my haircut from my place, gave my usual $4 tip, went home, took a shower, ate food, napped. woke up, facebooked, blogged. Anything to note.. hm..

OH, Gina and Mu-Lin and Tina Chu’s birthday today. and probably someone else that i’m forgetting simply because i’ve allowed myself to become disconnected with people.

deadmau5 ftw. that is all. Time to get started on some homework.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

DAMN, i gotta think of senior quote too. I just have to make it epic, cause I have such a way with words.


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