More Dreams.

I usually never remember my dreams, but some of these are just getting weird.

I dreamt that I was outside standing with some friends when an earthquake hit. I commented that it was a small, maybe 4.0 quake. Then things got REALLY messy, the floor cracked open, someone mentioned it felt like a 6.9 That’s all I remember.

Another dream, I was doing Something, not sure what, and there were lots of girls, but then one was spared. then I woke up.

GREEN SHOES Dream. I dreamt that I was with a friend, we stole Green shoes (was it stole?), some black aviators covered with a yellow shirt of some sort, and a Book which has a title I can’t remember. Also Cuong was there, presumably to be the lookout.

I think dreams are more common when I can push the limits of my drowsiness and stay drowsy but not fall asleep. Then when I finally do fall asleep, I will be able to keep my conscious enough to remember the dream.


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