The Fixer.

Eventful day and night. Woke up, took a shower, got dressed, went to d20 to scrim. After the scrim, I ran into Andrew Odacayen. The day before, I was told that he was going to have a party at his place, so he was on my mind a bit. (LOA) Anyway, I stayed with them for a while at JackinTheBox, then decided to take the 63 bus back to his place to chill. Nice place, fun time. Zach came over, he is a great musician, I should really learn how to play piano AND guitar. After a while I decided it was time to get back to the theater for my date with Alexa, Zach offered to give me a ride, I took it. It was still early, so I went to CVS, bought some chips, went to d20 to chill, then left for the theater at 7:47. There, Alexa, in shorts, a top, and a jacket that was way too cold to only wear, was standing for 5 minutes. We decided to watch Couples Retreat, and went in. There was something called Alameda’s Got Talent before the previews and before the feature film, and it was two singers, and a magician. Oh and I saw Kyle Johnston there oddly enough. Anyway, movie went great, but towards the end she started putting her head on my shoulder, she held my hand, brushed it against her leg, and it gradually felt more and more like a date I didn’t know we were going to have. then, towards the end of the movie, with her head on my shoulder, she whispered, “Kiss Me.” I froze. literally, for.. 47 seconds, I did nothing, absolutely nothing, she shifted, I shifted, then after 47 seconds, she asked me again. “Kiss Me,” she whispered. This time I kissed her, for no reason other than she asked me to, I did this random thing. It was awkward, the movie ended, I held her drink while she went to the bathroom, I palpitated, stressed, obsessed, digressed, then she came out. We sat on the bench, and I broke the ice that had formed by asking her what movie was her favorite. She said Hangover. I said ToyStory 2. I told her that I never had any toys growing up, that toys never made me happy, that I grew up too fast and never got to act like a kid, and now my face lights up every time I see a toy or someone having fun. I essentially, told her that I was different, different from her, and different from other people. I can’t just kiss someone I barely know on the first date; i’m just not that guy. We gave each other a tentative hug and her mom picked her up.

I walked out into the cold and welcomed the painful sting that accompanied it; a self-allowed punishment for essentially breaking a girl’s heart. I paced, I sat. I got up, I ran into Tj and some other people. They were trying to get into ZombieLand, but one of them wasn’t 17 so they can’t without being 21 to take people under 17. Talked, man-hugged, vented, and left. I saw Jeremy Yu there, the one that goes to AHS, and gave him the nod. Then began my long walk home. I drudgingly walked towards the road alongside the tennis courts, when the idea to take the 63 to Odacayen’s place struck my mind. I was feeling so crappy, so mad at myself, that I was contemplating the idea of getting on the bus by myself so that I can surround myself with people that are uninhibited and crazy. I changed my mind, walked towards the pool and the tennis courts, and found Odacayen and Zach, David and his girl, Nick and his girl, and someone else I didn’t know, trying to break into a car. I recognized that the car was the same one that Zach drove me to the theater in; they had locked the keys in the trunk of the car.

If that’s not LOA then I don’t know what is. Anyway, we were out in the cold for an hour, Zach called his brother’s sister-in-law who drove to his place to get the spare keys and give it to him. While we were waiting, we also met a friend of someone’s, his name was Joe. Asian, skinny, and well-seasoned for the gangster look. He told us that he was on the run; that he would be going to Juvie for 7-8 months if he was caught. Before he left, I decided to give him what was left of my money, $5 from the $20 that was given to me and spent. The incredulous look on his face and gratitude that overcame it was absolutely worth it. He walked away towards park street, not knowing where he was going to go, but now he was $5 richer. Then 4 of us walked David and his girl to the bus stop, but not before going to CVS to grab some candy. I recognized the lady that was at the checkout when I went to buy chips, Melissa. We bought candy, went to the bus stop, and I sat next to a stranger and said to her, “So my date asked me to kiss her and I basically didn’t.” We talked, I never got her name, but that’s the way it should be. The bus came, we said goodbye, to her and to David’s girl, and then we walked and ran back to the car that was now next to another car. The spare keys are here.
They popped open the trunk, got the original keys, got in the car, we said our goodbyes. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a real gangster goodbye, but its as if you are interconnected souls for life. Every nod, every “handshake,” every look in the eyes, it all makes one feel at peace. I said goodbye to the once strangers of a day, and walked off into the night towards home.

It was a night that was full of.. Life.


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