Guilt for observing one’s own hubris

I suppose if there’s something I hate, it is that I believe that I understand Alexa. I hate being able to psychoanalyze and think that i understand her. To be able to say she was abused and left by her dad, so she constantly strives for male approval, even so far as to offer sex for such fake love. She always feels wrong and that she has to appease men and do what guys wanted. So yes, she has issues. And yes, she thinks she likes me. But she doesn’t even know me. And I don’t know her enough to like her. I believe that happy people are hot people. And she doesn’t seem truly happy, so I can’t truly like her. My theory stands.


One thought on “Guilt for observing one’s own hubris

  1. through your side of the story, i would probably agree. however you cant gauge her “real” love towards you nor her “fake” love. I’m surprised she didnt try and kiss you again in order to fill that void that she has in her heart. How much do you know about her life and family history? Truly, what do you REALLY know about her?

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