More dreams?

Alright. These dreams are getting out of hand. I know where they come from too. In Psychology, we were taught that dreams are our subconscious piecing together events within the last 48 hours into something that represents a great thought or idea in one’s mind. I dreamt that I kissed Leslie. What the hello! I suppose my subconscious mixed up my current thought of the whole Alexa kissing thing and threw in Leslie cause I ran into her after school. but STILL! I’ve never had dreams this vivid or so completely baffling, perhaps even altogether meaningful. It’s as if because before there was nothing I cared about, now that i care, everything matters more. Apparently even the smallest minute details matter enough to be exploded onto a canvas of a dream.

Also. ZOMBIES! HAHAHA okay, so in my Stats class, Gabe and Emily and and Isabel and Garren were all talking about zombies and Zombieland in hella detail, what to do if you’re bitten by a zombie, is it better to melee a zombie than pump it full of lead, are they the kind of zombies that run fast or slow, etc. Even so it’s frightening and surprising that I dreamt about Zombies. I dreamt that i had a gun with a reload time that was just enough to shoot one zombie before another zombie was nearly at my throats. It was Men vs Women, the women were zombies and us men were human. We kicked ass, and I thought we won. THEN, to my horror, all the men besides me turned into zombies and I was the only human who had to take on man and woman zombies that were out to get me. I shot and shot and shot but there was just no way I could kill them all, then I woke into an entirely different dream. We were in what looked like a metal classroom, the teacher was a man, we were all dressed in summer attire, I suppose it was like an air conditioned room. Then, out of nowhere, who else but Erica Greenley calls my cell phone and it decides to ring during class. I do the whole “take the battery out while the phone is in the pocket” trick, but the PHONE KEPT RINGING! I take the entire phone out my my pocket but when I pull it out, the phone still had the battery in it. Then the teacher comments about how I shouldn’t have my phone out in class, then his phone rings. It’s my teacher’s phone, he got a text saying that there would be a beach party this Saturday. Then I woke up.

=) The world is a funny place, even the world within yourself.


One thought on “More dreams?

  1. psych is interesting, but you would be the expert in this not me. I just know that when you have a “fake death” which is to fall into an unconscious state and see things that you would normally see in dreams and come back to life, the fake death is the boundary between death and dreaming. Interesting and maybe ill have to take a class on psych. xD

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