Ariel and Andrew.

That girl is really starting to grow on me. Ariel. She’s absolutely stunning, beautiful, but she doesn’t follow the common route of being the party girl. She’s introverted, (her words not mine) and shy. This was the girl that my classmates thought looked like Megan Fox. Yes, she kinda looks like her, but there’s something about Ariel that’s all her own. I talked to her on Tuesday before we had break, and I found out she hadn’t seen Toy Story yet, my favorite movie of all time. She said she’ll go watch it. =) One of the other ones called me Deep.

Well yesterday has been a … I suppose i’ll call it a Stream of Consciousness Binge, where I simply let every thought that I ever have flow out and thought about. It took many hours, mainly because of the sheer volume of thoughts that I have. Anyway, thanksgiving day, people texted me, I texted back, Kimi coming over. I decided I needed a nice, cooling off before I saw them all. I went to Lum School, reminisced, sat on top of the Climbing Wall that reminded me of the giant rocket that sat there when I was a student there. Then I went between the walls where it was warm, and read the names that have been drawn into the wood. So many people with their own lives and ideals. Made me happy. Then a shock. I turned around and saw an old man standing there, he didn’t look that old but he assured me he was. His name was Albert. I was startled by his two grandkids who were playing. Their names were Ariel and Andrew.

LOA is a funny thing, and that is one of the more obvious examples of it. and that man, Albert, he’s a sight to behold. Originally from Egypt, he has a level head and talked to me about money, future, time, people. We talked in the cold for about an hour, watching his two grandkids play. The innocence of children provides an insightful look into the world you live. After we were done talking, he wished me well, and we were both off to the lives we were waiting to get back to. Then came the pondering. Ariel and Andrew. A pair, a match, two peas in a pod. Does that mean I will be like a brother to Ariel? Or was that just the notion of symmetry that was trying to be represented. Either way, a sign like this should not be ignored. I’ll follow it, and see where it leads. Who knows, perhaps this will be a good story to tell my own grandkids, about how that was the day I decided that I was falling for their very own grandmother. =) (“I think that possibly maybe i’m falling for you.”)

Then there’s the stuff with Kimi during our Thanksgiving at Grandma’s. but I’m much too tired, and i’m waking at 5am tomorrow for those VS2621’s. Night.