Shit just got Real.

a whole mess of things have happened lately, and all of it requires extra effort to put forth, so I won’t be talking about that tonight. Let’s instead, talk about Strangers.

Has this ever happened to you, You meet someone new and then start seeing them around at school?

So you meet someone for the first time. This is at school, where there are many people, and routine sets in and you get used to certain things. After you meet this person for the first time, you start seeing them around everywhere around the school. If you’ve been walking the same way to classes, then why are you just now noticing these people that you just met? Have you just been inattentive? Have they always walked the same ways you’ve walked, but only now do you notice them because only now do you have their story, so now they matter enough for you to notice their presence? Or is it more intentional? That your thought of them being in your mind, fresh and new, so they jump out onto the canvas of your existence? That your actual knowing of their existence means you start to run into them in your reality.

The next time you are in a crowd, or a bunch of people, take a look around. Try to see if you can remember the glimpses of these people around you. For all you know, you may one day know their story, and them your own. Someday, some way, you may meet the one you’ve already met.

If you really want to test things out, try it the other way around. Notice someone in the crowd that you might possibly wish to meet. Intend to find a way to do so, and believe that the world’ll make it happen.

Lately I’ve been seeing people that I’ve been thinking of, but these people are new and I haven’t changed my walking paths or times. In all likelihood, I should’ve seen them. Am I simply not observant enough? What if they’re incredibly memorable people once you’ve met them? haha, and this, once again, is the Serendipity of Life. Try it out, see if you, have a touch of destiny about you.


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