a good leader, must never give up glory. They must always fine tune the distinction between giving things up for the sake of the team, and giving themselves up for martyrdom.

To those who have qualms about communism, I have this story to tell.

There are an elite group of soldiers, and they have been given a mission. That mission, is to find their way home for dinner, but leave one person behind to get home themselves. The realist would do just that; assign straws or what have you to randomly pick one person to leave behind. The tactician would pick the best of the crop, deduce that they would be the most adapted to find their own way home, and leave them behind. The Idealist would leave no one behind and find a way to get everyone home. Then there are the best of Leaders. They are identical to the Idealists in every way, except they harbor within them the smallest inkling of considering possibile outcomes. The possible outcome in this situation, is that the leader will sacrifice themself if it comes to it. Now you have to disect this birth of a leader. It is not without glory; to give oneself up as a sacrifical lamb to protect the rest of the pack. You will be admired, revered, and modeled after as a symbol of good and leadership. The trick is, to not become dependent on any of the things that you are given emotionally. You live only for those you protect and yourself, not for the pride they may evoke in you, not for power. You may say that I am a dreamer; that such requested essences of humanity are inconceivable and must be entirely fictional or altogether too akin to divine to be created. Then there are those who say that these qualities are present within myself; and that I possess a mind capable of concieving the complicated creations that may arise which makes me one of the few worth noticing. As of this writing, I have not been the leader, merely the martyr. I have sacrificed myself far too much for the group, and while sacrifice is noble, my sacrificing of the glory makes me unfit to lead. See, a leader must be glorified; must be praised, accepted as superior as justification for following orders and directions. I have given up all praise, all glory, all things for the sake of the team, who no longer have reason to look to me as someone to lead. After realizing my flaws, I am now in a position to better myself, the world, and prepared to model myself on these points outlined.

Let us now look, to Animal Farm. Snowball and Napoleon. There are those who say that Snowball would follow the same path as Napoleon as a terrible leader and frightful dictator; which is synonymous to Trotsky and Stalin, respectively. I have a hunch, that we simply, have not found a good leader yet, no True Communism. Neither Snowball, Napoleon, or me in my current state, would end up as a good leader. My hunch is that one day we will. One day, someone who harbors these qualities I’ve outlined will rise up and bring peace. Not someone Intellectual, or Clever, or Powerful to lead us, but someone Kind, Good, and Aware of the ones they lead.

The Leader who holds his ideals and then adjusts reality to conform to everyone getting home, is the one we need to lead us to peace.