This also explains why cats have 9 lives.

Truth about Purpose in life, from a child.

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Torpedo Away!

As per SerendipitousCreation, henceforth abbreviated as SC`, on September 1st 2009, I wrote something with the words, “I don’t want Megan Fox” as a means of which to prove to myself the belief highlighted in The Secret which states that “Not everyone wants the same person.” It is fitting, perhaps ironic, and it highlights yet another belief that, You also end up getting what you Do Not Want as a result of thinking about the thing you are not desiring of wanting. This was before I met Ariel, and for me to find the girl who many say looks like Megan Fox, the one who is absolutely nothing like Megan Fox, who is so much better, so much kinder, so much more modest, shy, so much the one I want to be mine, it feels almost divine. I’m not sure what compelled me to use Megan Fox as an example of the person I do not want, but again, I go back to that question, “What Are The Odds?” Whether it is chance, and that I am a fantastically lucky man as in that these Coincidences arise around me, or that I am creating the Coincidences, it is nevertheless an amusing thing that never ceases to amuse.

In Alice in Wonderland, there was a part that said someone thought about 6 impossible things before breakfast. I will go beyond that, and set a desire to use SC` 7 times before I go to bed; that is to say, find 7 coincidences that are far too uncanny to be coincidence. Now this will not happen overnight, or perhaps it will, but I am in no rush. Whether it is a perceived difficult thing to Serendipitously Create, or if it is many Serendipitious things that are in need of creation, either way I’ll get there someday.

I believe I am in posession of a Counterfit Dollar bill. It does not have the Watermarks that my other ones have, and it feels new and fake; I got it during New Years, so I just thought it was new and crisp. I might still be wrong, it might be real and i’m just guessing, but the machine at Safeway would take the old bill, but not this bill, the old bill was bent in many directions but it went in fine, this one kicked itself back out. I think it’s awesome and that I’ll keep it, if it is indeed counterfit.

Petrarchan Lover. I would be, if only I did not know much about this girl I am idealizing. I suppose I can see the similarities though; to hold the woman to such a high esteem that they appear to be a Goddess, unattainable, so it’s better to have delusions and imagination because it is a constant instead of attempting to attain the unattainable which is a possibility. The thing is, I believe in the possibility; I just like to test the waters first, observe before I leap so to speak. I suppose if I were to never leap, then I would indeed be the petrarchan Lover, in which case forever doomed to be in love and without love. Here however, is what I do know; it is not simply an idea contrived and placed onto her symbolic form.

Ariel is… shy, “way introverted”, likes to help people, give to the poor, pass out cans to the homeless, wants to learn Sign Language, does not care about her clothes, is okay with wearing a shirt that was worn the previous week, likes Green Tea, keeps a lot to herself, has a mom she cannot live without, does not care about excessively pursuing a good grade, does not like to wear jackets or long sleeves, has silent, soulful, soul-filled eyes, and likes to walk in the rain. I’m sure there are many more memories of knowledge known, but my terrible memory does not offer me insight into more that I can recollect at this time.