More stuff.

If there is technology to record the things you think, I would pay good money for it. It would be so useful.
Anyway, I got all my Online Courses done, 25 credits. Now I just have to wait for them to give me a grade for my exams, and i’m confident I passed them all. Then I need to contact some people, technical stuff, then my diploma is mine.

Saw Alison, the blonde swimmer who I had psychology with and who works at ColorMeMine. She’s.. giddy, either delusional so, or genuinely. Happiness is delusion? She’s a hugger, so full of life, that girl.

I’m looking for a job. Yes I am. Anthony wants me to get some money for the roadtrip to NY, but he said he wants me to go either way. It’s really difficult to look for a job with these time constraints, if we are to leave on August 1st. I mean, who wants to hire someone, only to have them leave for a month, and then come back? Let’s see.. CVS i’ll check back on July 7th, when the manager pops back in, Fruits&Chocolates will be after the end of July, and the Vector marketing was apparently selling KITCHEN KNIVES. Seriously, no wonder they don’t put that in the letter, it’s a major turn-off. I felt bad that I had to reject the nice lady who tried to sell the job to me, as i’m sure she gains money for each successful referral. =(

Love? I’m just having fun meeting new people. =) I ended things well with Ariel, and there is nothing I want or foresee for Ashley. New person though, who might like me, it seems so. It’s funny, those smart enough to notice the nice guys are plentiful, so it’s as if they can see me as the guy they wish to be around. I wonder then, would intentionally being mean, or not nice, would that correct, or be less of a hassle? Sounds so wrong to say, deliberately ingenuous.

I’ll get down to some writing soon. laaters.


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