Somewhere down the line, Pride became the lie to express racist hatred that lies inside.

You don’t understand? Well let me explain.
Your claim to fame, is that the Whites must be blamed and that because you’re black, you act,
like you’re the supreme race, because of the prejudice your ancestors faced,
because they suffered you must now generate hate.

Truth of the matter is, Race doesn’t matter,
but the truth is, people these days would rather,
compete to see who’s race is elite when it comes to who has hurt the most,
it then becomes something to be proud of, something to boast,
because my hurt is greater than your own, i’m allowed to be great and I alone,
why separate the world with something like race, when this event could bring the world together,
as something we all face.
The observation of the lack of justice in the court systems should unify, not divide,
we can see the truth together, we can make the world better,
The only time we should bring attention to suffering, is when we intend to change it.

So we all heard about the trial, white man shot an unarmed black man, it’s gonna be a while,
before we can truly say that all has been heard,
I’m just asking for some peace, so spread the word.
He shoulda gotten a 2nd degree murder charge, but yeaah.

for the record, i’m not white or black.

This doesn’t have enough context in it, but i wrote it spur of the moment, so i don’t really mind. Basically, i’m trying to explain how people, especially black people, tend to use their common suffering to band together and they start to think that they are now a great as a result of the suffering their ancestors faced, which is racism hidden with pride. This came to mind when Michelle told me about how she went to turn in transcripts, and they were mean to her, but nice to other black people. Although that could be stereotypical prejudice based on the fact that Asians tend to be well tended to and devoid of hardships, which again goes back to the competition of sufferings, and which is again, still racist hatred. Which is sorta related to Reverse Racism, or Affirmative Action, as if the actions of past oppression must be carried on onto the backs of future generations, and then they must be rectified with rewards, which further brings forth pride in suffering.
Do not get me wrong, they are deserving, just that it starts to become wrong and racist when they see themselves expecting greatness over others.

It’s tough for me to explain, mainly because this thing that i’m trying to convey, is sorta wrong to say, as if i’m saying black people aren’t that great, or at least, not as great as they themselves think, they deserve equality, not supremacy, and sometimes the line gets blurred, and my words are starting to get smudged.

Race. Does. Not. Matter. We should stop making it such an issue, the black’s expect hate, the whites expect themselves to be right, why can’t people just not expect things? Nothing is expected, because nothing is absolute or granted. Change is constant, and peace is the greatest tool to ease the transitions. -Sigh.


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