i have an idea.
Stored internet.
saved bandwidth.
when you think about it, we all have Unlimited Internet.
it’s just the speed that’s capped.
and as you pay more, you get more speed.
but you can’t save it.
it has to be one at a time.
as you go.
on demand.
but what if you saved it?
sort of like, stored minutes on a cell phone.
internet on demand, without having to pull from the provider.
no limits on how much internet can be saved.
and then you think about when you’re not ON the computer, your internet connection can be pulling bandwidth.
while you’re asleep
or outside.
this way, there’s no need to worry about buffering issues, or high definition downloads.
if you have enough internet saved up, you can watch it all i one go.
sort of..
Downloading the Internet.
to use at a later timee
then you think about the Why.
well, it certainly helps the poor the most.
those with poor internet speed can now enjoy high quality videos and movies, because they can save the internet for when they need it.
We are not at the slave to the provider, merely a slave to the speed at which we can save.
then we think about the benefits this may have on the providers.
well for one thing, it’ll be a lot more of a strain on their servers, more people downloading at night for that very reason, because they are asleep.
but then, when you think about it..
people are all scrambling and spending money on faster broadband for America.
i’m sure that costs money. alot of money.
and i’m sure that goes to provide for the infrastructure of the internet.
we all thought we need more speed.
but maybe saving speed would be cheaper.
lately, there’s all this talk about net neutrality.
protecting the internet from unfair business prices.
aand unfair speeds.
this is true freedom.
9:52 PM – the freedom to keep what you bought.
instead of just renting it.
sort of like currency.
Internet is money.
and we get to spend it when we want to, insetad of having to go to the bank all the time.
the need for a bank, is the safety.
the value of the money, that people can take.
the thing is though, internet doesn’t need to be stolen.
but it does need to be protected.
but that’s not the gov’t’s job..
it’s our job.
the net is Neutral.
no one is fighting to steal it.
except for the coorporations.
everyone is benefited from the freedom it can bring.
except for those who have things to hide.
so, back to saving internet.
it’ll have to be Google.
Instead of striving to match the rest of the countries in Speed.
why not bring in something revolutionary?
the ability to save your internet.
because, instead of renting it, it is now Yours.
genius thought, eh mate?
though, i suppose some would still want speedier internet.
they can do both.
be TrulyRevolutionary.
i’m a genius.
it’s three tiered too.
Save, Speed, and ..
or rather..
i’ll tweak it around, make an essay, send it off to Google.
aand I can see there’s a money making opportunity, you will charge for TRInternet.
Though i’d rather you find a way to provide it for free, instead of charging customers more for this feature.
sort of like an Unlocked Iphone that costs $800, instead give it to us for $0.
You will be the first.
You will break ground on History.
Think about all the good you can do.
all the simple happiness you can provide.
all the laughter you can bring when you let people watch a cat play a keyboard in high definition.
Ridiculous. that the internet is simply a tool of laughter, something the world needs.
tell me wwhat you think when you get back.


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