You know what i’ve learned? The world is a boring place.
Life is boring if there’s no conflict, thus the human drama and people wish to fight, have pain, get into situations where things are sticky. It makes things more interesting, more memorable, worth more.
That is not to say that Peace is an impossible goal, it’s just that humans do not wish for it, they wish for fun.
aand if you are partial to peace, then you are bound to be bored and alone. My suggestion: play the game and fight through conflicts like the rest of the world, but know it is only a game, set up by humans to pass their lives by, and that You are the one that makes the rules.


3 thoughts on “AwkwardSilence

  1. But this “conflict” you need not inflict on others. Inflict conflict on yourself, break your own inner peace, test your limits, go to the extreme, and find excitement from that. Sky diving for example =)

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