I’ve been told that College is suppose to be a very interesting time in your life. I will agree.

I suppose what I love most about college is that you can be so ingrained in all of the events and the center of attention, and still have people not know who you truly are. That anonymity, or ability to shirk back into the shadows at your own leisure and of your own free will, it’s a blast. No commitment.
I was at A2F, or Acts2Fellowship, which is a Christian organization based on the CAL campus. Turns out, my old friend Wesley Lau attends that church. I met Wes at my old church in Oakland Chinatown, CCUMC, his father was the pastor there. Now it turns out I meet him here of all places. It’s gotta be at least 7 years since I last spoke to Wes, and it’s great to see him. He doesn’t seem to have changed all that much, but he certainly has an aged appearance to him. Biomechanicalengineer. He works for a company in San Mateo dealing with solar systems. He hosted Family Feud Game Night, which was tonight, and we played, and laughed, and it was fun.
The church part of the fellowship was an interesting one as well. Daniel Kim, the pastor, gave a reasonable and respectful speech about why believing in God matters and about the existentialism inherent in questioning your beliefs and fine-tuning your definition of you. There’s Naturalism, which is basically atheism, then there’s Empiricism, that which you can measure, then skepticism, to not know Anything, then Foundationalism, the only thing you know is that you exist.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned my own views, and why I view them as such. Basically, it’s a combination of Skepticism and Foundationalism. I believe that there is nothing known, only that which we believe to be known, which makes that thing known, and makes us follow the path of things we think we know. More simply, it is all a game, set up by the construct of the common construct, or that which we know to be very often true. In this game, we play by a few rules and we make up some rules, but there’s no rulebook to check, so we’re making it up as we go along. Also in this game, some people do not even know that they are playing, and as such are the pieces that are played with because they think they are the players. The true players are the ones who know it is a game, and choose to play anyway, and the ones who know that it is a game, and choose not to play, are the rebels of the constant construct. There’s no right or wrong answer, it’s a matter of choice. So complicated. Anyway, on to the rest.

Alie. She’s 22, I met her at BCC, turns out she’s an English major AND a Pharmaceuticals Major, so I loved her instantaneously. I stopped by her Bio class on BCC one day, and I was writing a story and she added her own comments within my story as I was writing it. Here’s the story, with her comments after the dash:

Once upon a time, there was a boy who wished he could fly. Everyone told him that it was impossible, that the mere idea was too insane to consider. This boy was laughed at by his peers and -because they realized that he was an IMPOSTOR,- who is secretly a double agent for the CIA! -also a liar and a stealer, thief- who stole the actual identity of the actual agent by stealing her heart – HAHAHA – and then he murdered her, theend, jk. -creepy – Back to this story, then he was fired and he became a regular kid. Then, on a dark snowy night, the boy was seen standing on the edge of a ravine. All the town stopped their lives and rushed to the little boy, who was also a double-agent impostor who murdered the actual agent after stealing her heart, and screamed at him to come down. But the kid was deaf, and the protests of the town fell on deaf ears. The boy smiled, just like he’d always done, and sat on the snowy hill. It was simply a wish that brings comprehensive joy, the wish for flight. Not a person in the town mattered to him. He was just a kid who wished he could fly. Why did the town think he wished to die? They could not distinguish the decision to lie, and never try to look toward the sky. This boy dares to dream, compared to the rest of the world who is too afraid to try.

Woo. yep. Funn. Also, it turns out I met her boss on a bus about 6 weeks ago, I sat down and had a nice chat with this man, never got his name, and randomly (HAH, like things are random) my presence came up, and she automatically came to the conclusion that that person was me, which it was. Freaky.

Sorta made a wager that if I got a perfect score on this one math test, not a special math test, just this run-of-the-mill test, then I would consider going for a Minor in something requiring Mathematics higher than Statistics. The reason for this is because I spent 3 hours trying to figure out how to do this one problem, and once I figured it out, I realized I enjoyed it, alot more than I thought I would. So I figure some math might not be too bad if I decide to delve into that section of academia. Who knows, I might’ve gotten some things wrong, so what-evs. =)

Audrey.. I’ve been missing her, by missing I mean missing her calls, and then she doesn’t return my calls back. It’s so weird, we keep missing each other, but I have a hunch she might be mad at me. Maybe. Iono. But she has Cody, so i’m not worried. I can’t be the perfect friend if she has the boyfriend. I’ll just settle for the bad friend who doesn’t stay in touch, whether or not I am matters not, I fit the bill.

There’s so much more to say, let’s just end it with..
-License on Monday.
-Get my math test back on Monday.
-Gotta look into the book The Value of Nothing by Raj Patel by Tues.
-Look into Holcomb, Rory Osbrink CourseReader, ASL.
-Midterm for History of ASL on Thurs. (NEED TO STUDY AHHH)
-Write Deaf Event Report (BEFORE NOV.)
-Write Shot Analysis of O Brother Where Art Thou for Film class.
aand here’s a list of stuff to remind me to write about. =)
-Talk about Jessie, Vivian, Pearl, Emily.
-Talk about ECS and Victor.
-Talk about Joseph
-Talk about BT
-Talk about Financial Aid
-Talk about Moving Out
-Talk about Mother.
-Talk about Father.
-Talk about Sister.
-Talk about Arnold.
-Talk about Sasha.
-Talk about Harmony.

Anytime any of you wanna talk, just call or text. =) If I don’t get to you, i’ll be sure to call you back eventually. =P or just leave a comment on here, it’s fine.


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