1:59 AM – Stash: you know what, i’ma listen to Infinite before sleeping.
1:59 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: Lol
1:59 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: his schemes are amazing in Infinite
2:01 AM – Stash:
2:03 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: so many rhymes in a sentence
2:03 AM – Stash: it’s almost shakespeare..
2:03 AM – Stash: iambic pentameter.
2:04 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: and people dont even know about it!
2:04 AM – Stash: =) well, if they did, they’d certainly look at him differently.
2:04 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: its art for the artists
2:05 AM – Stash: and cash in the pockets for the ones who brought it.
2:05 AM – Stash: this is the part where you reply in kind with a rhyme straight from your mind.
2:06 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: but still nothing compared to em’s 🙂
2:07 AM – Stash: why compare to Em’, you and your comparisions leads to embarassments and you turn into one of them.
2:08 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: lol
2:08 AM – Stash: anyway, no more to say, i’m off to rest my eyes and to take it easy, you should draw example from me and act lazy.
2:08 AM – Stash: =) laaaaaate.
|DAWS+Q| Waa! is now Offline.
Your state is set to Offline.
Lost connection to Steam, will rejoin chat automatically when connection regained.
Connected again and rejoined chat.
|DAWS+Q| Waa! is now Online.
2:10 AM – Stash: naa was that more dc, or did you run from the surprise rhymes that came from me?
2:10 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: i didnt dc
2:10 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: aye you listen to nomak?
2:11 AM – Stash: i guess i dced then, my bad, nope never heard of them.
2:11 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: whaaaaaat
2:11 AM – Stash: or him.
2:11 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: closest thing to nujabes
2:11 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!:
2:12 AM – Stash: mmm
2:12 AM – Stash: dude. you’re my music guy.
2:12 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: maybe i’d actually get something done if youtube didnt exist
but this is so addicting
2:12 AM – Stash: lately all you show me is music that i’d like.
2:12 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: you’re an artist my friend
2:12 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: we speak a common language
2:13 AM – Stash: =)
2:13 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: these guys do too
2:13 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: 🙂
2:13 AM – Stash: daamn. i gotta learn how to pluck guitar and pound some keys.
2:13 AM – Stash: i’m amazed at those who can do both and sing with ease.
2:14 AM – Stash: keep with the beat, they sooo leet.
2:14 AM – Stash: gotta rhyme fast and think on their feet.
2:14 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: riight?
2:15 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: im not producing anything yet
2:15 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: still
2:15 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: <.<
2:15 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: just waiting for that spark
2:15 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: so many inspiration and influences already
2:16 AM – Stash: =) and always late at night, that spark that guides you like a light.
2:16 AM – Stash: the hidden thing seen without clarity of sight.
2:16 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: im hitting 1600 favorites on youtube
2:16 AM – Stash: ahahah
2:17 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: have you ever been to anybody's page and see that many favorites?
2:17 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: i dont think so
2:18 AM – Stash: hmm
2:18 AM – Stash: how do you check?
2:18 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: oh guess not
2:18 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: but the old youtube page you can see their favorites
2:20 AM – Stash: aww
2:20 AM – Stash: well i'm off. i'm tired of being awake cause it drowns me in thoughts.
2:21 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: night
2:22 AM – Stash: unless, you wanna chat, it's been a while since we've done something like that.
2:22 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: nah you go to sleep
2:22 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: you talk to me
2:22 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: you dont sleep
2:23 AM – Stash: naa, i'll sleep at three, you seem like there are some things you need to say to me.
2:23 AM – Stash: besides, I've got lyrical energy to wake up these tired eyes.
2:23 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: do i really? lol
2:24 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: too many things to put into words
2:24 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: idk if i wanna talk
2:24 AM – Stash: ahh, well then do what i do, audacity and mic to express out the truth.
2:24 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: ive never been comfortable with words
2:25 AM – Stash: =) -Break.
2:25 AM – Stash: well, just put thoughts down onto audio.
2:25 AM – Stash: it's an interesting thing.
2:25 AM – Stash: you can guess youreself much better.
2:25 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: maybe i have issue letting things out
2:25 AM – Stash: =) which is why no one has to know but you.
2:25 AM – Stash: i'll agree, its awkward.
2:26 AM – Stash: and i type faster than i talk.
2:26 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: lol
2:26 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: i type lol when im not really laughing
2:26 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: just quietly giggling
2:26 AM – Stash: but my thoughts come out with more clarity when it is said from me.
2:26 AM – Stash: i give soft smiles when typing lol most of the whiles.
2:26 AM – Stash: so yeah, go get audacity.
2:26 AM – Stash: and record with that mic of yours.
2:27 AM – Stash: that way you can write and explain later.
2:27 AM – Stash: tho, as i've said before, i wish there was such a thing as a thought recorder.
2:27 AM – Stash: like, instantly.
2:27 AM – Stash: cause things just go poof sometimes.
2:27 AM – Stash: like smoke that was never there.
2:28 AM – Stash: anyway, if there's nothing pressing to say to me, i'll have to express my best intentions, and leave you with this final mention, take it easy, i'm sleepy, i'll talk to you another time, and type out some more rhymes.
2:28 AM – Stash: Niight.
2:28 AM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: night


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