Saturday, October 16, 2010
8:32 PM – Stash: quaa
|DAWS+Q| Waa! is now Online.
8:35 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: what up
8:35 PM – Stash: not much, or a lot.
8:35 PM – Stash: just wanted to say hi.
8:36 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: I think Im going insane
8:36 PM – Stash: whats up?
8:36 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: I havent talked to anybody in 3 days
8:36 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: and sadly enough
8:36 PM – Stash: LOL
8:36 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: I got nothing to talk about
8:36 PM – Stash: don’t I count? =)
8:36 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: i talked to you?
8:36 PM – Stash: OH
8:36 PM – Stash: shit you’re right.
8:36 PM – Stash: it’s been 3 days.
8:36 PM – Stash: lol
8:36 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: mmhm
8:36 PM – Stash: well dude.
8:36 PM – Stash: dont you got school?
8:37 PM – Stash: make some buddies!
8:37 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: I dont like to talk
8:37 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: but I find that when I dont talk for so long Im not my normal self lol
8:37 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: People DO go insane for that shit
8:37 PM – Stash: yeaaah.
8:37 PM – Stash: i’ve had that happen.
8:37 PM – Stash: but sometimes its cause my phone dies.
8:38 PM – Stash: mm
8:39 PM – Stash: i suggest talking to at least one person a day.
8:39 PM – Stash: you know in japan
8:39 PM – Stash: if you don’t get a phone call in the day
8:39 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: like a differnet person each day? πŸ˜€
8:39 PM – Stash: you’re considered a loner.
8:39 PM – Stash: LOL
8:39 PM – Stash: well, doesn’t quite matter if its different.
8:39 PM – Stash: just make sure you have a connection to humanity.
8:40 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: I guess Im a loner?
8:40 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: I do that on puropse though lmao
8:40 PM – Stash: =) i do too. so i dont feel too bad.
8:41 PM – Stash: hang on, i need something sweet. brb.
8:43 PM – Stash: grapes.
8:57 PM – Stash: mmm
8:57 PM – Stash: soo
8:57 PM – Stash: would you like to hear my stories of today?
8:57 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: Mmmm
8:57 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: okay
8:57 PM – Stash: it gets intense, but let’s begin.
8:57 PM – Stash: I woke up today with my amazing hearing.
8:57 PM – Stash: someone called my father, said that my aunt jenny was missing.
8:58 PM – Stash: i figured it was my grandmother calling.
8:58 PM – Stash: My dad made phone call after phone call, to get in touch with Jenny.
8:58 PM – Stash: he dropped his phone, and the screen broke.
8:58 PM – Stash: he eventually got through though, the worry was needless.
8:58 PM – Stash: then my sister came into the room, asked to borrow the car.
8:59 PM – Stash: my father said yes.
8:59 PM – Stash: oh, quick backstory.
8:59 PM – Stash: we have 3 cars.
8:59 PM – Stash: One of them is a Lexus HS250H which is fancy with nav system and everything.
8:59 PM – Stash: One is a toyota corrola which is drivable, but brakes are bad.
9:00 PM – Stash: one is a honda, which is 1998 civic, but runs fine, looks moldy.
9:00 PM – Stash: anyway, my sister went and was getting ready.
9:00 PM – Stash: during that time, my dad got a call.
9:00 PM – Stash: from his fancy friends who want him to come out to the Fairmont Hotel.
9:00 PM – Stash: he completely forgot about his promise to my sister, and he said yes.
9:00 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: lol
9:00 PM – Stash: then , my sister about to leave, my dad says he can’t let her take the car.
9:01 PM – Stash: then he says, use the other car.
9:01 PM – Stash: my sister, wants the nav system, she’s driving far.
9:01 PM – Stash: my dad, says it’s just an excuse for a fancy car.
9:01 PM – Stash: my sister, retalliates, that He also wants the fanciness of the car for the hotel.
9:01 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: lol
9:02 PM – Stash: then, the thing happened that tends to happen.
9:02 PM – Stash: My father tried to use me as an example of someone to follow and be.
9:02 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: lolololol
9:02 PM – Stash: as soon as he said “you should be more flexible and unselfish like andy”
9:03 PM – Stash: it was then that I, in the next room, with my impeccable hearing, shouted in that demanding voice of mine that shows up from time to time, “DON”T USE ME AS AN EXCUSE”
9:03 PM – Stash: and it was then that my sister gave up, was like, “forget it, i’m not going anymore stupid bitch”
9:03 PM – Stash: closed the door
9:03 PM – Stash: then my father, feeling bad, like he might, goes and tries to fix the brakes.
9:03 PM – Stash: trying to justify and add conditions to the freedom my sister wanted.
9:04 PM – Stash: and here i am, sitting in bed, debating whether or not to do anything about it.
9:04 PM – Stash: I know from experience, that I shouldn’t meddle into other’s affairs.
9:04 PM – Stash: I was racked with guilt.
9:04 PM – Stash: why i should help
9:04 PM – Stash: why i shouldn’t.
9:04 PM – Stash: what would god do.
9:04 PM – Stash: what should I do.
9:04 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: 😦
9:04 PM – Stash: Then i thought so much that my brain shut down.
9:04 PM – Stash: i fell asleep.
9:05 PM – Stash: then i woke up
9:05 PM – Stash: my sister left
9:05 PM – Stash: a friend drove her instead.
9:05 PM – Stash: my father was getting ready for his hotel event.
9:05 PM – Stash: with the car.
9:05 PM – Stash: i decided to sit down with him, break everything down.
9:05 PM – Stash: tell him what he did wrong.
9:06 PM – Stash: so i did
9:06 PM – Stash: first of all
9:06 PM – Stash: i started with me, and my misery.
9:06 PM – Stash: I explained to my father.
9:06 PM – Stash: To not use me as an example to follow, because I am completely messed up.
9:06 PM – Stash: I hate myself
9:06 PM – Stash: i hate my guilt
9:06 PM – Stash: i hate my misery.
9:06 PM – Stash: i hate how normal people know how to keep to themselves.
9:07 PM – Stash: normal people would not let the troubles of others affect them so.
9:07 PM – Stash: normal people wouldn’t feel so tormented that their body shuts down.
9:07 PM – Stash: I told him, he does NOT want my sister to be like me.
9:07 PM – Stash: I don’t want anyone to be like me.
9:07 PM – Stash: in all my terrible misery.
9:07 PM – Stash: then I explained to him further.
9:07 PM – Stash: It was all about pride, this argument.
9:08 PM – Stash: my father did 3 things wrong.
9:08 PM – Stash: the first of which, was that he said he would let my sister use the car, then he changed his mind cause of something else.
9:08 PM – Stash: the second, was that he cared enough about the fanciness of the hotel, to think he needed the fanciness of the car.
9:09 PM – Stash: the third, was the he was not willing to give up that fanciness, for his daughter who needed the car.
9:09 PM – Stash: I told him, that if he was good, there was one thing he should’ve done.
9:09 PM – Stash: he should’ve decided not to go to the hotel.
9:09 PM – Stash: forget the fanciness.
9:09 PM – Stash: and forget showing up to the fanciness in fanciness.
|DAWS+Q| Waa! is now Away.
9:09 PM – Stash: aw. are you gone?
|DAWS+Q| Waa! is now Online.
9:09 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: Nah im here
9:09 PM – Stash: LOL
9:10 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: just reading
9:10 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: πŸ™‚
9:10 PM – Stash: =) alright
9:10 PM – Stash: well , here i go on.
9:10 PM – Stash: after i told him that, I told him that, he said something to me.
9:10 PM – Stash: he said, but doesn’t my sister also want the car for the fanciness?
9:10 PM – Stash: I said no, she wants freedom without conditions.
9:11 PM – Stash: She wanted to be able to drive to CV on her own, and feel safe and secure in a nice car with a nav system.
9:11 PM – Stash: My dad came up with the idea of following her in the crappy car, letting her drive to CV in the lexus, and then taking the lexus back, and leaving the crap car with her.
9:12 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: Lol keys
9:12 PM – Stash: i explained, while that is understandable, it is a condition she did not agree upon when my father agreed to let her use the car
9:12 PM – Stash: what keys?
9:12 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: you guys got more than 1 key for the kar?
9:12 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: did I really just type kar?
9:12 PM – Stash: LOL
9:12 PM – Stash: uhh
9:12 PM – Stash: no, just one key.
9:12 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: Then bad plan πŸ™‚
9:12 PM – Stash: =) not really, but anyway, back to the story.
9:12 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: aorry lol
9:13 PM – Stash: np
9:13 PM – Stash: I explained, it’s not the fanciness she wants,
9:13 PM – Stash: it’s the freedom she was granted ahead of time, and my father trying to limit, or take part of it away when he found out he had somewhere fancy he had to be today.
9:13 PM – Stash: He agreed.
9:13 PM – Stash: he understood.
9:13 PM – Stash: and it was then that he finally said..
9:13 PM – Stash: “you’re right, but honestly, I just forgot about Allison as soon as I got that call”
9:14 PM – Stash: now
9:14 PM – Stash: to back up
9:14 PM – Stash: remember that phone?
9:14 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: mmhm
9:14 PM – Stash: the broken one, with the screen that was blank?
9:14 PM – Stash: he was dropping it, all throughout the conversation.
9:14 PM – Stash: sorta like when you’re mad at yourself, and you wanna drop something.
9:14 PM – Stash: or hit something
9:14 PM – Stash: anyway.
9:14 PM – Stash: As soon as he said those words, “I just forgot”
9:15 PM – Stash: the phone worked again.
9:15 PM – Stash: The phone, with the blank screen, came back to life.
9:15 PM – Stash: There was something magical, that I just barely understood, that I decided to try to explain it to himself.
9:15 PM – Stash: It was all connected.
9:15 PM – Stash: now, i’m going to try to explain it to you.
9:16 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: lol
9:16 PM – Stash: think about these two things first.
9:16 PM – Stash: Things that matter, and things that you think matter.
9:16 PM – Stash: okay.
9:16 PM – Stash: Now, remember, my father was asleep
9:16 PM – Stash: then he was woken up by my grandmother
9:16 PM – Stash: who thought that my aunt jenny was missing.
9:17 PM – Stash: this caused my father to be hasty, and to try to make many calls etc.
9:17 PM – Stash: which caused him to be careless, and drop his phone.
9:17 PM – Stash: during this time, he looked for an old phone, but found out that that phone also had a broken screen.
9:17 PM – Stash: so then that was when my sister walked in, said that he needed a new phone, and she also needed a new phone.
9:18 PM – Stash: she wanted a palm pixi, and it was here that she also asked for the car.
9:18 PM – Stash: and here that my father said yes.
9:18 PM – Stash: then my sister went to get ready
9:18 PM – Stash: and my father received the call.
9:18 PM – Stash: and forgot about my sister
9:18 PM – Stash: and thought only about rolling up to the Fairmont hotel in his Lexus HS250h.
9:19 PM – Stash: then my sister was about to leave
9:19 PM – Stash: my father said no, you can’t have the car that i said you could have.
9:19 PM – Stash: and my sister went to her room to sulk.
9:19 PM – Stash: and then my sister got a ride
9:20 PM – Stash: and then i woke up
9:20 PM – Stash: and talked to my father
9:20 PM – Stash: and my father admitted wrongdoing
9:20 PM – Stash: and then we were back to the present, with the fixed phone.
9:20 PM – Stash: the connections are as follows.
9:20 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: lokl
9:20 PM – Stash: The insignificant, or thing that did not matter, the call from my grandmother worrying needlessly about my aunt jenny, made my father drop the phone.
9:21 PM – Stash: and break the screen.
9:21 PM – Stash: Then, my father made the promise to let my sister use the car
9:21 PM – Stash: then my father got a call from the fancy hotel
9:21 PM – Stash: and then my sister was about to leave
9:21 PM – Stash: and my father said she can’t, because my father wanted to go to the fancy hotel, in fanciness.
9:22 PM – Stash: the fanciness that doesn’t matter, broke the bond of father and daughter, just like the worry that didn’t need to be done, broke my father’s phone.
9:22 PM – Stash: and as soon as my father admitted wrongdoing, the phone was fixed.
9:22 PM – Stash: It was then that he thought to himself, wow.
9:22 PM – Stash: almost magical.
9:23 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: lol
9:23 PM – Stash: or destiny.
9:23 PM – Stash: and i said to him, it’s cause of you.
9:23 PM – Stash: and because you finally fixed yourself.
9:23 PM – Stash: he walked over to the OTHER phone.
9:23 PM – Stash: the old one that he was going to use, that was ALSO broken.
9:23 PM – Stash: and turns out, that one was ALSO fixed.
9:23 PM – Stash: surprise would be an understatement.
9:23 PM – Stash: he was amazed.
9:24 PM – Stash: frightened almost, by the magic that was present.
9:24 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: lol
9:24 PM – Stash: and I said to him, I was the one.
9:24 PM – Stash: I was the one who, in my misery, decided to take on a problem that was not mine.
9:24 PM – Stash: and because i decided to do it, you no longer have a problem that needed to be fixed.
9:24 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: misery loves company
9:24 PM – Stash: I was the precursor for the magic.
9:25 PM – Stash: the instigator.
9:25 PM – Stash: the magician.
9:25 PM – Stash: =)
9:25 PM – Stash: the end.
9:25 PM – Stash: of story 1 today.
9:25 PM – Stash: there’s another.
9:25 PM – Stash: =)
9:25 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: That was like
9:25 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: 3 stories
9:25 PM – Stash: =)
9:25 PM – Stash: three people, one story.
9:25 PM – Stash: i have one more story, with two people.
9:25 PM – Stash: me and my mother.
9:26 PM – Stash: and technically, that all comes back to one story, and one person, myself.
9:26 PM – Stash: would you still like to listen?
9:26 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: Mmhm
9:26 PM – Stash: alright.
9:26 PM – Stash: this is the story of my mother, and CVS.
9:27 PM – Stash: there’s this thing called the extracare program.
9:27 PM – Stash: where my mother would get $10 back when she spends more than $25.
9:27 PM – Stash: but the problem is, the company can only reimburse you in OCT1st for stuff you bought 3 months before that.
9:27 PM – Stash: so my mother has waited and bought stuff, on an old card, on august.
9:28 PM – Stash: so there is a new card that is blank, and needs to be scanned with money in it.
9:28 PM – Stash: Now a bit of background between me and my mother.
9:28 PM – Stash: She loves me
9:28 PM – Stash: I love her.
9:28 PM – Stash: but she’s crazy.
9:28 PM – Stash: and i mean CRAAAAZY.
9:28 PM – Stash: okay.
9:29 PM – Stash: I always help her.
9:29 PM – Stash: with stuff like this
9:29 PM – Stash: mainly cause i speak english.
9:29 PM – Stash: and lately, she’s been yelling at me, for going all the way to berkeley for community college no less.
9:29 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: lol
9:29 PM – Stash: when there’s a community college nearby, alameda college.
9:29 PM – Stash: she always asks me to help her.
9:29 PM – Stash: and today i said, Why do i want to help bad people?
9:30 PM – Stash: If you are good, i’ll help you.
9:30 PM – Stash: hell, if you’re bad, but you WANT to be good, i’ll help you.
9:30 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: thats harsh
9:30 PM – Stash: but if you’re bad, and you want to stay bad, why would i want to help you?
9:30 PM – Stash: i know
9:30 PM – Stash: it’s paintful for me to say it.
9:30 PM – Stash: painful
9:30 PM – Stash: lol paintful
9:30 PM – Stash: but you don’t know my mother.
9:30 PM – Stash: she’s harsh all on her own.
9:30 PM – Stash: this is her language.
9:30 PM – Stash: and i speak it well, reluctantly, but truthfully.
9:31 PM – Stash: anyway, today she said
9:31 PM – Stash: “heey, help me out, I have no way to take care of this without you, you and your english”
9:31 PM – Stash: oh btw this was all chinese.
9:31 PM – Stash: but whatever.
9:31 PM – Stash: I decided to go with her.
9:31 PM – Stash: well first
9:32 PM – Stash: when i said I didn’t want to help bad people
9:32 PM – Stash: she tried to get my father to help her.
9:32 PM – Stash: I stepped in, told my father to be on his way, to the hotel thing.
9:32 PM – Stash: and he listened, almost like.. i don’t know, like I knew what i was talking about, and that I could handle it.
9:32 PM – Stash: I felt it.
9:32 PM – Stash: Respect.
9:33 PM – Stash: I earned it, when I explained to my father, all the things he couldn’t see.
9:33 PM – Stash: and he left.
9:33 PM – Stash: and I was with my mother, and I was ready to take on the world, or at least the CVS.
9:33 PM – Stash: and i asked her if she wanted me to drive, cause i do have my license now, WOOT.
9:33 PM – Stash: she said nah, she’d drive.
9:33 PM – Stash: so she did.
9:33 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: lol
9:33 PM – Stash: we got to cvs.
9:34 PM – Stash: I asked her, Why do I need to come in? You don’t need me.
9:34 PM – Stash: She got mad, obviously
9:34 PM – Stash: that i was so eager
9:34 PM – Stash: came all this way
9:34 PM – Stash: but i thought to myself.
9:34 PM – Stash: she can do this without me.
9:34 PM – Stash: and I stayed in the car
9:34 PM – Stash: right as she walked into the store, i got out of the car, and like a ninja, walked to her.
9:34 PM – Stash: for a few minutes, she was oblivious to me
9:35 PM – Stash: then i gave myself away, and we went on our way to the clerk.
9:35 PM – Stash: I let my mother do the talking.
9:35 PM – Stash: for two reasons, One, I know she could handle it, i was just there as backup.
9:35 PM – Stash: and two, I was really lazy.
9:35 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: …
9:35 PM – Stash: =)
9:35 PM – Stash: anyway.
9:35 PM – Stash: she handled it fine without me
9:35 PM – Stash: i was just there as a just in case.
9:35 PM – Stash: and she got her money.
9:35 PM – Stash: and we got back into the car.
9:36 PM – Stash: and I said to her.
9:36 PM – Stash: “You passed.” =)
9:36 PM – Stash: I gave her the metaphor.
9:36 PM – Stash: it’s as if You just took your license test.
9:36 PM – Stash: and I was the instructor by your side, just in case you needed me.
9:36 PM – Stash: but you didn’t, you passed with flying folors.
9:36 PM – Stash: etc
9:36 PM – Stash: and she laughed.
9:36 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: lol
9:36 PM – Stash: I said to her, Now, i can move out.
9:37 PM – Stash: I explained to her, I am only around and not far off, because I felt I had some things at home that needed taking care of.
9:37 PM – Stash: people at home that needed fixing.
9:37 PM – Stash: and she smiled.
9:37 PM – Stash: she asked if i was willing to go buy bananas with her.
9:37 PM – Stash: or something or another.
9:37 PM – Stash: so we did
9:37 PM – Stash: and we also went to khols.
9:37 PM – Stash: saw her friend
9:38 PM – Stash: she was going to buy a microwave, but couldn’t find any
9:38 PM – Stash: so we got bananas.
9:38 PM – Stash: then we got int he car
9:38 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: lol
9:38 PM – Stash: and she asked me, if i wanted to drive.
9:38 PM – Stash: I said yes.
9:38 PM – Stash: so i drove.
9:38 PM – Stash: i drove for a while, just to show her i could drive on my own.
9:38 PM – Stash: I asked her, if I was a good driver.
9:38 PM – Stash: she said, yes.
9:38 PM – Stash: It was as if I just earned Her respect.
9:38 PM – Stash: I paralleled.
9:39 PM – Stash: for the first time
9:39 PM – Stash: OH
9:39 PM – Stash: right
9:39 PM – Stash: so this honda
9:39 PM – Stash: i’ve never driven it before.
9:39 PM – Stash: but my first time
9:39 PM – Stash: i did fine.
9:39 PM – Stash: =)
9:39 PM – Stash: great even.
9:39 PM – Stash: parked fine.
9:39 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: I like old cars
9:39 PM – Stash: anway.
9:39 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: the loose ones
9:39 PM – Stash: =) i do too
9:39 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: new ones are too stiff for me
9:39 PM – Stash: you can Feel it more easily.
9:39 PM – Stash: less mechanical.
9:39 PM – Stash: like the LexusHS250H,
9:39 PM – Stash: yah.
9:39 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: unless its like a sportscar
9:39 PM – Stash: =)
9:40 PM – Stash: so yeah, that’s story two.
9:40 PM – Stash: and the overall story.
9:40 PM – Stash: is that..
9:40 PM – Stash: I’m ready to move out.
9:40 PM – Stash: I’m ready to grow up
9:40 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: haha
9:40 PM – Stash: i’m ready to be a grown up.
9:40 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: Where you moving to
9:40 PM – Stash: and my parents will be fine without me.
9:40 PM – Stash: Berkeley.
9:40 PM – Stash: probably
9:40 PM – Stash: at least, in a few weeks.
9:41 PM – Stash: eventually.
9:41 PM – Stash: when I get that financial aid money.
9:41 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: Living the life
9:41 PM – Stash: and when my friend vedad calls me.
9:41 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: LA is freakin expensive idk why I live here
9:41 PM – Stash: =) movee!
9:41 PM – Stash: come to berkeley.
9:41 PM – Stash: it’s awesome.
9:41 PM – Stash: but yeah.
9:41 PM – Stash: i’m magical.
9:41 PM – Stash: full of destiny
9:41 PM – Stash: and power
9:41 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: Art school art school for me man
9:41 PM – Stash: and
9:41 PM – Stash: oh right
9:41 PM – Stash: well
9:41 PM – Stash: come to Academy of Art University.
9:41 PM – Stash: in SF.
9:42 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: I gotta tell you its the only thing I got left
9:42 PM – Stash: =) It’s also the only thing that matters.
9:42 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: and Im getting kinda worried
9:42 PM – Stash: =) that’s how you know you’ve lost everything that doesn’t matter, and you’re worried of losing the thing that does.
9:42 PM – Stash: now, concentrate, and get ready.
9:42 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: but not enough for me to take actions
9:42 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: Im pretty bad
9:42 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: lol
9:42 PM – Stash: it’s time for you to be the man you wish you could be.
9:43 PM – Stash: =) that’s why move, i’ll be around to keep you on the right track.
9:43 PM – Stash: and you me, cause we’re the same.
9:43 PM – Stash: in our thoughts, and torments.
9:43 PM – Stash: we do not do things that help us, but we can help each other.
9:43 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: So what are you going to college for?
9:43 PM – Stash: =) English degree.
9:43 PM – Stash: I will teach, see.
9:43 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: πŸ™‚
9:43 PM – Stash: two years at the college community in the city.
9:43 PM – Stash: then i’ll transfer to the UC.
9:44 PM – Stash: and probably get my bachelor’s degree.
9:44 PM – Stash: and start teaching from then on.
9:44 PM – Stash: and maybe go for a phd, if my mind stays strong.
9:44 PM – Stash: and soon, i’ll find where I belong.
9:44 PM – Stash: and you will too
9:44 PM – Stash: if you come to SF for school.
9:44 PM – Stash: it’s true.
9:44 PM – Stash: and i’m so happy and amused.
9:45 PM – Stash: at all my revelations and strength.
9:45 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: lol
9:45 PM – Stash: and the power to wake up and do it all again.
9:45 PM – Stash: tomorrow will be great, just like today was.
9:45 PM – Stash: We are two who can do what nobody else does.
9:45 PM – Stash: and not just us, there are a few more still.
9:46 PM – Stash: and we’ll find them, until our greatness fills.
9:46 PM – Stash: and we can help each other, those who are terrible at helping themselves
9:47 PM – Stash: our thoughts will gather, our potentials will meld.
9:47 PM – Stash: =) and we’ll be happy. Wherever we end up and whoever we be.
9:47 PM – Stash: and that, is the end of my three stories.
9:47 PM – Stash: and.. there’s one more to go.
9:47 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: wait wait
9:47 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: brb
9:48 PM – Stash: I need to tell my sister, about why i’ve alienated her so.
9:48 PM – Stash: and tell her all my burdens, before she goes off to school
9:48 PM – Stash: about the way i’ve acted, and why i’m such a fool.
9:48 PM – Stash: though i know she’ll understand, there’s good in her for sure.
9:49 PM – Stash: and i’ll be for her forever and whenever, because now i’m mature.
9:49 PM – Stash: and though I was never the brother she was supposed to have
9:50 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: Dont get too deep πŸ™‚
9:50 PM – Stash: i’ll be glad if she’d let me be her friend, there till the end.
9:50 PM – Stash: =)
9:50 PM – Stash: the end.
9:50 PM – Stash: i’m done.
9:50 PM – Stash: no more
9:50 PM – Stash: too tired.
9:50 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: Lol
9:50 PM – Stash: =) i did go too deep with that one.
9:50 PM – Stash: AH
9:50 PM – Stash: and there’s 3 stories from yesterday to tell too!
9:50 PM – Stash: but they’re shorter.
9:50 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: Lmao
9:50 PM – Stash: but still destiny filled.
9:51 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: You sound like you’re having a blast
9:51 PM – Stash: =) It’s like..
9:51 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: Thats good πŸ™‚
9:51 PM – Stash: Being told you are great, and actually having proof of it.
9:51 PM – Stash: well, i’ll just be quick about these last three.
9:51 PM – Stash: let’s start with Wesley.
9:52 PM – Stash: old friend from my old church, i left the church when i was 11 or so.
9:52 PM – Stash: his father was the pastor of that church in chinatown.
9:52 PM – Stash: then i came to berkeley.
9:52 PM – Stash: met a friend named jessie.
9:52 PM – Stash: met her roomates, one of which was pearl
9:52 PM – Stash: who asked me, if i’ve ever been to church.
9:52 PM – Stash: i told her about my old one, CCUMC.
9:52 PM – Stash: and she worked out that I knew Wesley, and Wesley told her he knew me.
9:53 PM – Stash: at the new gracepoint church, in Berkeley, is where Wesley is at.
9:53 PM – Stash: and i’ve been there these past few weeks, just to talk and chat.
9:53 PM – Stash: but now i’ve gotta go back, to this bus stop
9:53 PM – Stash: near the beginning of school
9:54 PM – Stash: I met a Jonathan
9:54 PM – Stash: and we talked for a while
9:54 PM – Stash: i told him my major
9:54 PM – Stash: English
9:54 PM – Stash: and he told me, he knew someone else that was also an english major.
9:54 PM – Stash: Joseph
9:54 PM – Stash: and yesterday, we all wound up in the same place.
9:54 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: Wait Im so lost right now xD
9:54 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: Too many names
9:54 PM – Stash: =)
9:54 PM – Stash: you’re right.
9:55 PM – Stash: just worry about wes.
9:55 PM – Stash: and me meeting him again.
9:55 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: k
9:55 PM – Stash: after 7 years.
9:55 PM – Stash: it was awesome.
9:55 PM – Stash: and then a while back, i met a jonathan, who told me about someone else who was an english major in berkeley.
9:55 PM – Stash: an asian male named joseph.
9:55 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: Lmao
9:55 PM – Stash: and then yesterday, we three wound up in the same place.
9:56 PM – Stash: well, asian male english majors are a rarity.
9:56 PM – |DAWS+Q| Waa!: My teacher named Chirstopher went to this Jewish thingy its hilarious
9:56 PM – Stash: =) Bat Mitzfah
9:56 PM – Stash: wait no
9:56 PM – Stash: bar mitzfah
9:56 PM – Stash: bat is for women.
9:56 PM – Stash: i think.
9:56 PM – Stash: ANWAY, i forgot about the cake!
9:57 PM – Stash: yesterday, after i met everyone, I got hustled and bustled trying to find a ride back home.
9:57 PM – Stash: and randomly, i got into a car with Alex and David, names don’t matter.
9:57 PM – Stash: but in the back seat, they said i could have the cake.
9:57 PM – Stash: there was cake.
9:57 PM – Stash: and i ate it.
9:57 PM – Stash: and it was delicious.
9:57 PM – Stash: okay.
9:57 PM – Stash: no more stories.
9:57 PM – Stash: the end.
9:57 PM – Stash: well
9:57 PM – Stash: there’s one more that i just found, but its fine
9:57 PM – Stash: until another time.
9:58 PM – Stash: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
9:58 PM – Stash: WATER.


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