new and old.

alie – i go to class but sometimes i leave early cuz its boring
me – where are you?
alie – went home. i was on the 1 bus.
me – you’re at home and now i’m bored. =) what class did you have?
alie – microbio. left on time @ 20 after.
me – =) didn’t i text you a couple days ago? You respond at odd times.
alie – so lol
me – iono you’re funny that way
alie – waat im funny… ur funny. :p
me – =) okay we’re both funny. Back home now. Ate lots of food. Getting sleepy, haha.
alie – Haha what did u eat 4 dinner
me – Sweetheart. Curly Fries, green tea, and my dad bought mongolian beef, and when i came home, my sister had fishcake noodles. Yeah, i’m done for.
alie – Haha makes me miss my family
me – I’m sure they miss you too. you should go visit them for the holidays. I think i can finally move out soon.
alie – Haha where would u move and why move out
me – probably somewhere in berkeley, a friend starts in the spring and wants me to room with him. It’s a long story about why, i’ll tell you another time. =)
alie – K
me – =) i’m filling out my first job application and i don’t know what to put lol
alie – Wow. lol where r u applying? and omg first 1 ur so spoiled.
me – =) i’m really not, but i have simple tastes and am content with less. Amakara, a sushi place in dublin where my friend works.
alie – sweet. anyway how r u going to move out of ur parents house? or y? im still curious
me – =) how, hopefully when financial aid money arrives, why, it’s very complicated. I guess it’s like i’ve earned their respect recently.
alie – Ic. interesting response
me – =) sorry for being vague, but i have way too many secrets. i’ll be sure to bore you with the details some time, if you want. Brb i’m gonna go shower.
alie – K. ur 2 young 2 have so many secrets. gnite
me – =) well that explains why i feel so weary from feeling old, and if i spill my secrets, i’ll feel young again. =P

alie is this girl. she’s 22. English oriented. I think i told you. anyway, she’s been driving me crazy, either she’s just curious and i’m reading into it too much, or she likes me, and I can’t be clear about my own thoughts. oh well. i’m going to sleep. Night.
-Jon, i was gonna call you, but i figured you’re sleeping. lol.


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