soo. I hung out with Aly. She’s awesome. =) she also has a boyfriend, so that’s a weight off my shoulders right there. I’m going on a 3 day trip, see ya later. =P

it all depends on how hard i wish to work, and whether i wish to work hard. of course, and if i’m smart enough.

Edit:back from the trip. =) It was awesome. Anyway, this will be a two part post, with Night with Aly and Sierra Lodge.

First, Aly. I actually know how to spell her name now. =) Short for Alyssa, but her Chinese relatives didn’t know how to pronounce it, so she’s been known as Aly ever since. What to say about this girl. Friday Night. 6pm. I walk early to my ASL class to see if anyone’s in there. Turns out, Microbio class has a break, and right as I walk in there’s Aly. I talk to her for a while, and then she asks to herself, “hmm should I leave?” Her class ends at 6:30, which is when mine starts lol. I say “I think you should leave, so I have something to do before class.” She agrees, and we walk off into a cloudy-skied Berkeley.

First, we just keep it casual, just talking and walking, then we talk about food, and she asks if we should go get something to eat, but I ate already, so we decided to go to CVS and get her a candy bar. She pays at the pharmacy register, cause she’s knows the people, cause she’s a Pharmacist there. Okay, just typing out pharmacist made me open a new tab and look up everything on pre-pharm and even pre-law majors. Anyway, to go on.

We walk and talk, and before I know it, we’re on Blake street walking to her place. Yes, I skipped class to hang out with Aly, and it was a great decision. On the way, she asked me about the secrets I mentioned. I suppose they aren’t secrets as in deep, dark, embarrassing secrets, but more as if they are tell-not-a-soul-to-hide-who-you-are secrets. First thing that came to mind, was Alexa. I’m not sure why I keep going to this, but it’s such a ridiculous story of mine. I go through the motions, I explained how I was just trying to be nice, and then I said I’d go out with her, etc, you’ve heard the story. Then I used the word. “I’m a fixer.” “So am I.” she replied. Then she told me parts of her own stories, none of which I will reveal here of course. =) Anyway, this girl seems to fit me in every which way, that is to say, almost as if we were destined to meet, to correct each other’s own mistakes so they don’t repeat.

We sort of got lost, but we wound up on Telegraph eventually. Then, right when we go into the front door of her apt complex, she asks me, “you know I have a boyfriend right?” At this moment, I could feel my heart drop. Not because at that moment I liked her and have that thought removed from me. It’s because it felt like something I overlooked and as if a connection that had threads were binding together, but the middle where love might have formed was hollowed out. Of course, I’m the stoic soldier, I kept my straight face, and played it cool. “No, I didn’t. =) Is it still cool if I come over then?” She of course said it was fine. I walked in. Let’s describe the place a bit. One TV that doesn’t work, two beds, two computer desks, one kitchen, one bathroom, a corner for Guinea Pigs, and some chairs. She lives with two other people, her boyfriend, and some random dude. Anyway, I just walked to the pets. Named Hamlet and Othello. Oh, forgot to say, she’s an English major, with pre-pharma classes. Her words were that she wants to teach, but she wants to be financially stable as well.

Okay, so we sat on those chairs, and started to talk. She asked me, “Why did you want to be friends with me?” How do I answer a question like that? I said, “I don’t know, I guess it starts with how we first met. You remember? We were getting our Student ID’s and you didn’t know what you needed, I told you to get a copy of your schedule, but it turns out you didn’t need it.” I thought I’d never see her again. “but then we ran into each other again, this time outside your microbio lab, then outside your econ class, which is at Mofitt right near my Math class on Monday nights.” I mean, I ran into her on a separate floor walking to the bathroom of all places. “I just kept running into you in all these odd places, AND you told me I met your boss on a bus randomly.” “I don’t really know, but I just thought, maybe I should get to know this girl.” She smiled, and said that the first thing she noticed about me, was that I was asian. =D ahahah. So BCC has a lot of.., in unison, “black people.” Then she got more blatant about it, saying “The me from 4 years ago would definitely be into you.” What else could I do? I slowly spread a wide grin across my face and looked down.

There’s the answer that’s been bugging me all this time. She does like me after all. I wasn’t imagining things. Though, she doesn’t say it outright, mainly because she has a boyfriend. Then we get into some other stuff, and she tells me she’s Taishan. I tell her I’m Taishan..and right about here i’m speechless, cause with all the connections I already have with her, this one is bound to seem too dubious to exist. I tell her that my grandmother spoke it, and I learned from her. Then I told her I had no idea it was an actual place, I just thought it was a dialect or language. She insisted, and wikied Taishanese. We learned lots. Then she decided to go on Facebook, and search and add me. Then she asked me to tell her more stories. I told her about my stories of love, starting with Jessica, then Audrey, Then Alexa, and I even told her about Ariel. She made me facebook those 4 so that she could have visual representations. Then I told her I barely use facebook, which, now that I think about it, isn’t true. I’m just a complete ninja and don’t respond or talk to anyone, but I seem to look at my newsfeed a few times a day. Ease of checking it, I guess. Then she told me to switch seats with her, and she used her laptop to take my picture. Yes, that is the picture that is on my default right now. Anyway, complicated stuff aside, we decide to go play some WiiMarioKart. She pwned me, completely. she’s amazing at that game, no lie. Then we decided to go make crepes. Yes, I can now say I’ve made crepes. Honestly though, all I did was crack a few eggs, stirred, added sugar, and then poured the batter into a pan, and tilted the pan so that it would be even. Mine weren’t that even, but they were fine anyway. She did the rest, and we made about 7 crepes. Then she put nutella, strawberries, bananas, cinnamon, and some whipped cream on my crepe, and I ate it. It was delicious.

Edit: i’ll just put this convosplice up here for now.

Alex Jung.
2:58 AM you still writing>
2:58 AM ?
2:58 AM your story
2:58 AM ?
2:59 AM Androol
uhh, i’ve taken a break. should i finish it? i kinda wanna sleep
2:59 AM actually, it’s pretty short what happens next
2:59 AM Alex Jung.
2:59 AM so what have you been doing these last 30 mins?
2:59 AM Androol
after crepe, we watched Greys Anatomy.
2:59 AM oh
2:59 AM just typing to you. lol
2:59 AM Alex Jung.
ah lol
2:59 AM icic
2:59 AM hahhaa
2:59 AM so thats it
2:59 AM greys anatomy
2:59 AM Androol
2:59 AM Alex Jung.
nothing else?
2:59 AM Androol
3:00 AM she says i remind her of Karev.
3:00 AM the messed up guy who always ends up with messed up girls.
3:00 AM Alex Jung.
3:00 AM is that a good thing?
3:00 AM Androol
then she said, I’m attractive and look better with glasses on.
3:00 AM i’m doing this way out of order
3:00 AM but whatever.
3:00 AM then pin came home
3:00 AM i talked to him too
3:01 AM he is pre-med as well
3:01 AM or something
3:01 AM he was doing math hw
3:01 AM He plays SC
3:01 AM just got it that day
3:01 AM beat the campaign on another’s acc
3:01 AM and he was playing
3:01 AM he was kinda ignoring Aly, which bugged me, but if he was gaming, it’s understandable.
3:02 AM Alex Jung.
ah icic
3:02 AM Androol
3:02 AM i totally skipped that whole section
3:02 AM
Moving out was a good decision on her part, needed to get away from the craziness. No older brother. Wished she had an older brother, so that he could bring over his hot guy friends. Is Taishan. Hates the name Pin. Has a boyfriend named Pin. Baked at home.
3:04 AM Alex Jung.
3:04 AM icic
3:04 AM hmmm
3:04 AM why she goign out with him
3:04 AM ?
3:05 AM Androol
=) for his personality.
3:05 AM which i havent quite known yet.
3:05 AM honestly, i have a hunch that she’s with him because he was the best at the time.
3:05 AM and it seems to me, that i’ve filled the role of the best that can’t be had.
3:05 AM Alex Jung.
3:05 AM ya
3:05 AM i was thinking that
3:06 AM well just talk to her more
3:06 AM i relaly think you should ask her to hang out with you
3:06 AM Androol
=) I will
3:06 AM but again, she’s taken, if i push too hard, i’d be stealing.
3:06 AM it’s gotta be willing.
3:06 AM Alex Jung.
3:06 AM but
3:07 AM you can’t trully get to know someone if you are afraid to just even hang out with that person
3:07 AM its not stealing
3:07 AM friends hang out with friends
3:07 AM who have bfs
3:07 AM or gfs
3:07 AM its normal
3:08 AM Androol
mm, i know. but I’ll need to tread carefully, for my own sake.
3:08 AM can’t get Too attached.
3:09 AM Alex Jung.
ah lol
3:09 AM true
3:09 AM but
3:09 AM if you know there is some interest
3:09 AM with her in you
3:09 AM then you can be a little bit attached
3:09 AM i mean she can still be like a great friend if anything
3:10 AM Androol
absolutely. =)


You know what I’ve noticed?  Lately all my posts have been about love.  Not quite sure why, but I haven’t spoken of truly philosophical things in a while.  I have a hunch about why this is, but regardless, this blog is starting to look like a diary of a girl who is obsessed with love.  Though honestly, the reason I think I mention love so often, is that for some reason, such things pertaining to love are also interrelated with destiny and coincidences.  So I suppose it’s not me being more obsessed with love, but more for love being more obvious in it’s coincidences.

Anyway, Aly is the girl who fits me in a way that I can’t quite describe.

  • She’s the modest genius, (currently has the best grade on her micro-bio class)
  • She can cook crepes, as well as other things.
  • She’s was an English major.
  • She is a fixer, which means she is the type that helps others.
  • She is shy, but can pull off the extrovert, she is the extrovert, but can pull of being shy.
  • She’s pretty, Michelle thinks she looks like a rabbit, and though I kinda see it cause of her teeth, my teeth are awkward in that sense as well, and I honestly didn’t take beauty into account until it was pointed out.
  • She had a strained relationship with her parents that has gotten better since she’s moved out.
  • She hates the name Pin.
  • She has a boyfriend named Pin.
  • She likes Grey’s Anatomy and How I Met Your Mother, as well as others.
  • She is a gamer girl, and kicks ass at it.
  • She has two pet guinea pigs named Hamlet and Othello.
  • She wants to be an English teacher.
  • She’s about to go become a Pharmacist first, so that she is financially secure before pursuing her dreams.
  • She’s funny.
  • She’s was floored when she realized we were both Taisan.
  • She has something about her that I can’t quite figure out.
  • She has class in the room next to mine on Mondays.
  • She has class in the same room right before my class on Thurs.
  • I’ve been running into her everywhere.
  • I ran into someone who I didn’t know was her Boss, Tim, on the bus one night.
  • I ran into Tim Tonight (10-27-10)
  • She’s been to all the church fellowships during her time as a student.

I don’t know.  I don’t like her, because I don’t know enough about her to like.  From what I do, I suppose I could, but again, she is taken.  No matter how coincidental, no matter how fated it may seem, there is no way I am about to break up a relationship where both parties are happy.  Though honestly, Pin doesn’t seem all that special, he seems almost as if he was the best guy at the time, because she’s been in bad boyfriend relationships before.  That does not mean that if me and her got together it’d be guaranteed to be amazing though, I think i’m just a bit too crazy at the moment to function properly in a proper relationship.  Does that mean that in the future things could change?   Who knows.  All I know is this girl is an interesting addition to my life, and I’ll see what I can do to get to the things I want, the things which are simple in nature, and difficult in capture.  The Seven.  Anyway, that’s enough for today.  =)



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