Emiya Shirou

a superhero can only save a few.
there is nothing at the end of helping people.
it’s a false life that can save neither yourself nor others
even if this dream may be a distorted one, if i have believed in it, and if i am going to believe in it, I
even if it may be unattainable… he believed that he would reach his destination if he kept running.
to become a superhero. i will protect it even if it isn’t my wish, or even if it is just sophistry to soften my guilt.
even if everyone in this world disagrees with me, even if i myself curse me, I-
it isn’t a mistake, for everyone to be happy. that is an ideal everyone thinks of.
i won’t back down
sanctity of belief that brought tears to my eyes.
is it a fake if it’s not mine?
even if my wish is fake, is it wrong for my wish to come true?
No, I don’t think it’s wrong.
I dont care, even if it’s fake.
i’ll make it come true, even if it’s an impossible ideal.
it’s an impossible wish from the start. An unreachable utopia.
Then, even if I am a fake,
what’s there has to be true.

I know that i can’t save everything
i know that there’s no help without sacrifices.
I know that reality is like that because i became an adult.
I know it’s only an ideal, but i still continue to seek it.
it’s not the end after someone gets hurt.
Even if the best possible outcome has someone get hurt to save many others, i still want to pursue a resolution where nobody is hurt.
That “there is no justice in this world”, and that “people die meaninglessly in reality”, i don’t think such words are right.
and he reaches this place at the end.
Then i can keep going.
I don’t care even if it’s a fake.
First of all, i’m too simple-minded to worry about such a thing.
I make up my mind on this hill of swords.
That if i can save the world infront of me, i will fight for it.
I didn’t even need to think about it.
My world is small.
This small world is all i have ever been able to create.
That’s right.
I am the bone of my sword.
Yes, so i can endure most things.
Emiya Shirou can keep his dream until the very end.
Even if…
What i seek is nowhere.
if i’m alive, there must be a reason why.
It’s just that i don’t know why.
There’s only one thing i can do, and that is to put shape to my mind.
No, it’s already there. It’s just that I can’t see it. There was no limitation to the circuit from the start. If it was darkness, not a wall, that stopped the magical energy… Then the limit is somewhere beyond the darkness.
-for the final time…
i engrave my ideal into my mind so that i won’t forget it, and close my eyes.
There is no salvation, there is nothing to give to him, as he has already died and become a phenomenon.
an ideal where others are more important that yourself is an ideal that should never be held.
but. Did he ever not dream that such a life would be wonderful?
He is not strong, he fights risking his life, looking ugly and miserable. But… who in the world can laugh at him?
Even if his heart is a fake, the beauty of what he believed in is real
that is something he cannot lie about, and is the origin of his powers.
The boy cries out with a smashed throat, that he wants everyone to be happy.
There is no road of retreat.
He has made numerous mistakes. he has no way to atone for them except for hating and killing himself.
A straight gaze.
Mistakes and lies, shaking off everything,
running on without stopping-
But still- I was not wrong.

The path is long.
Relying on the sounds of the swords echoing far away, the boy heads for the deserted plains.

There was a determined future, and there is a future i’m walking towards.
Even if i am to someday reach the place he stood…
I’m sure a different future awaits if brilliant days like this lie ahead of me.
The sun has risen already. Even if I’m not able to change it by myself, im sure the two of us can change it bit by bit.
We have just started walking down my path.
I’ll do my best, and walk on, alongside that reliable partner of mine.


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