Friday Oct22.  My sister’s birthday, who I wished a happy birthday, but never did anything special for.  More on that later.

I have my movie class today, and I was driven into Sierra, CA.  Let’s begin.  First, I got to Berkeley around 1pm, and decided to drop my luggage and bags at BT.  Then I went to campus to check out Cheston’s Bake sale thing, bought a cupcake thing for breakfast, Cheston wasn’t there, so then I went and got a Zen Green Tea, HOT AS HELL, from starbucks.  CapnCrunch, they gotta make that much cooler.  (Remember, Waa wants to replace “seriously” with “cocoa puffs” and I’m going to use “CapnCrunch” in its place.)  Then I went off to my movie class.  Sat down as usual, except this time I had hot tea, and I didn’t have a notebook or any supplies to take notes.  It was fine though, we talked about sound, diegetic and non-diegetic, internal, external sound, etc.  Then we watched Copolla’s “The Conversation,” which was a very awesome, slightly disturbing movie.  It reminded me of “Enemy of the State” starring Will Smith, and the plot was along the same lines, of intelligence gathering.

Then class ended, I got a hotdog next door, the people recognize me, and say its cool if I just cut in line next time.  Off I ate and off I went to BT, 2 hours early.  On the way on UC Campus, I met this man who was showing me his photos of graffiti, and he was looking for donations to help out his art work.  I didn’t have any cash or bills smaller than $10, but I figured I didn’t need it as much as he, so I gave it away.  This was around the same time as my text “give when you can…etc.”  Then I got to BT.  Over there I was supposed to leave around 7, it was around 5, so I just chilled for a while with David Dip.  We talked, he saw the EZStretch bag my dad made me use, and it turns out he knew what it was about.  Iono what that means, or if I should let my dad know, but it’s too weird for me to think of my father’s company as something I should talk about.  We played dominoes, talked, then went off to Underhill to get picked up.

At underhill, the parking lot where the vans were mobilizing to get ready to take us to Sierra, I met a Cheryl.  She reminded me of Scarlet, Terence’s sister.  glasses, asian, a lot less nice though.  She seemed to look the other way or something.  well whatever.  I saw Wes there, waiting on the sidewalk.  Along with Dennis, Joel, Tim So, and people kept arriving.  We ate MnM’s, then we got care packages of food for our drivers, then we got in the van, and were off.
It wasn’t long until we decided to stop by for Dinner, we stopped at TOGOs, and I was out of cash.  I brought extra money, but I gave that extra money to a homeless artist of Oakland.  Jonny said he was fine with paying for me.  I can’t get over just how nice everyone seems, and how generous and kind people are in the Fellowship.  Okay, then we were actually off, to Sierra.

LOONG RIDE.  I tried my best to stay awake and talk the whole time to pass the time by quicker, and was doing really well, up until we got close, and the fog started to roll in and the rain poured down.  I jokingly said that I was hoping for snow, but everyone explained that it was just going to rain, and it was going to rain lots.  More on that later.  We ate all the snacks in the van, chips, gummy things, etc.  Then we were finally there.  We got out of the car and straight into the merciless rain, and ran toward the “Barn.”  This is where we dropped off our stuff, and this is where the Guys sleep.  We then got our things set up, and when we were ready, left for the “Lodge,” where it’s much cozier, and is where the girls sleep.

The Lodge is amazing.  See, SierraLodge was created by members of the church and the chief architect was a member as well, and the whole thing just looks amazing.  Walls of deep, soothing orange, beams reinforced with steel, warm heater, shiny hardwood floors, and bedrooms in the lodge for the girls to sleep.  Yes, the girls have actual beds.  Yes, that is slightly sexist, or rather, chivalristic.  More on THAT later.  We gathered together, and then we had Ramen and Kimchi for a midnight snack, or dinner, or whatever.  We played games, I played Jenga, and the subject of “blind -behind-the-back” jenga was formed, and I pulled it off successfully.  Dennis was amazed.  I’m not sure what it is, but Dennis is cool.  Not only that, he thinks I’m cool.  I can see it in his eyes.  Must be the bonding thing we did at DanaHouse my first visit.  Anyway, there were people playing Bang, people playing Pandemic, Taboo, as well as KingKongShower, and a whole bunch of other fun stuff.  I got to know a lot of people, none of which I can bring up to any great detail at the moment.  Then it was time to go, and the boys headed off back to the “Barn.”

When we got to the barn, the fun really started.  Foosball, Red Robin PingPong, This weird Pool-like game, and best of all, NERFGUNS.  Derringer, Mavericks, and Full-Auto Pump Rifles.  I spent most of the hour shooting bullets into the walls, and then shooting the bullets down with my superb aim.  (Okay, in reality, some idiot got the bullets stuck, and it was up to me to try, REPEATEDLY, to get it down, and they do fall down, eventually the suction vanishes, or I miraculously shoot it down.  Also, the day after, Emily told me that the girls did NOT get to play with NerfGuns, and we both decided that was a sexist oversight.  =) God isn’t quite as equal after all.)  Then around 3, we were told to call it a night.  People threw down comforters from upstairs that we were supposed to sleep on, more like mats.  We set those up on the floor of the barn.  I got out my sleeping bag, brushed my teeth, took a night shower, and slept soundlessly.  There was one snorer.  The snorers were told to sleep upstairs, but one person must not know they snore.  I slept soundlessly that night anyway.  I dreamed about something, can’t recall what, but it felt peaceful.  When I woke up, I realized something scary.  The Mat’s were better for my back than MY OWN BED at home.  It was then that I realized, I need a new bed.  Okay, that’s enough of typing for tonight, that was Day1 of SierraLodge.  Day2 will be up in a little while, I’m about to go to bed.  =) GoodNight.


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