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Dec 10th 2007
=D i have a new favorite song of all time, and it replaced my long standing favorite, Jack’s Mannequin – Dark Blue. OneRepublic – Apologize is so amazing. Not the Timbaland version; i like it, but taking out the violin, bad move. mmm.. so i’m updating on my new computer.. which is exactly the same as my old one. 512 mb of deliciously deprived Ram. I attempted to run CS Source on it.. ouch. So today i’m going to talk about Dreams. not like what you want in life, actual, dreams. So for the past couple of days, i’ve been having these weird ass dreams, and whats scary is, they were pretty awesome. in one of them i was driving a car, my sister was in it, and for some reason, she needed Brownie mix. i was driving her to safeway, and all of a sudden, she asks, “wait, you can drive?” and all of a sudden i was like WTF and lost control of the car. Freaky. But thats not the amazing part, whats amazing is that when i woke up, i liked it so much, i fell asleep and went straight back into that dream. Turned out i DID know how to drive, drove her to safeway, got Brownie mix, went home, and she baked brownies. Also freaky but not nearly as exciting, she was cooking brownies the night of the dream. so yeah, awesome part, i find myself being able to go BACK into my dreams. Which is pretty damn awesome when you think about it. Its like.. if you can Will yourself to go back into a dream, what else can you Will yourself dream? What if you can Control your dreams? What if those dreams are real? it’d be pretty damn cool. Who knows why this happened, maybe fate was trying to tell me something. Or maybe it was cause of those Drug Beats i listened to the night before. at least thats what Jennifer called em, Beats, as in Sounds that give you the effect of the actual drug. Maybe if i’d feel like getting dizzy and high again i’ll listen to again and see if i dream awesomely again. lol.. facebook didn’t spell check the word Awesomely. Awesome.


About me, well i’m apparently a nice guy, which is somewhat horrible to be because it makes you seem like the pushover who gets pushed around; but its just the fact that you can’t stand to see someone suffer, so you help out. I love music.. it can drown out life and put a lie in its place, a lie that i dont mind living if it can end whatever pain was there. I may talk all emo and shout complains at the top of my lungs, but i am actually really cheerful and love life and all its ups and downs. I also enjoy writing when its about something i enjoy writing about and when i have time obviously. I procrastinate to the point of no return and can’t quite shape up to be happy about my school work at the moment. I feel like i give myself way too much self-grief but i also feel like its totally deserved and it will give me motivation to do something to end the grief, but so far its as if i’m used to the grief and thats the only thing i’m getting out of it. Well thats me, Happy because i see hope in sorrow, Emo because I feel the sorrow when i’m not happy.

OH! And I add Emotes CONSTANTLY on AIM, so if you want to avoid it, call me instead haha.. 😛

“You can judge how good someone’s nature is by how miserable they make themselves.”

“I wish for myself that forever i will be able to see, see past the lies that blind and bind me, to truth and lies, respectively.”


“Hope for the best, Anticipate and accept the worst.”

“If you Doubt, it won’t come about.”

you’re curious and smart and bored, and all you see is the choice between working hard and slacking off. There are so many adventures that you miss because you’re waiting to think of a plan. To find them, look for tiny interesting choices. And remember that you are always making up the future as you go.


Activities = listening to music, dancing to music graffiti kickin it with friends staying at home tennis basketball videogames having fun.

music talking online talking on the phone chatting kicking ass at something

The AMONG series,Harry Potter, Cat in the hat, LOTR, Great Expectations. Chick Flick every now and then,music and lyrics, horror if it’s good, saw, comedy all the time, daddy day care, greys anatomy.
anything that makes me laugh.


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