Meredith once asked me if I was going to give up everything and become a Missionary. I smiled and said I might go on mission trips, which might make me a Missionary, and I do so willingly. I am willing to stake my life on a purpose filled with conveying that which I believe to be true; the truth of the world lies in the belief that we are disconnected from one another, and in believing so, choose suffering to soothe our society. People do not realize it, or perhaps they do, and they seek to rectify this perceived inequality, and in doing so, pursue things that distract them from the truth they began with and have forgotten. The truth is that you were made in the likeness of your creator, and as such you are of the creator, with the powerful free will to choose, just like everyone else on Earth. This interconnectedness is much forgotten in our world, and it takes the symbol of Christ to bring people back to the fold. Of course, as I am a reasonable man, I ask you not to cover your eyes with the covers of the fold so as to be blindly following the truth, but rather wrap it around your body so that your body as well as the eyes that inhabit it may take in its warmth and the rightness of your longing fulfilled. If I am to make my life’s purpose this wonderous cause, then I am to be happy and regret not along the way. However, there is this fear, the fear that the cause I champion, while correct, is being sheparded by those who misunderstand and misconstrue. Such an imperfection is proper and expected in an imperfect world, and it is then that you must choose to admit to integrity in such matters as impossible, and in other words lie; because you are not of the world anymore, and as such you may choose to lie in order to be apart of it and save those who are lost, which you are called to and are right in doing, because you can choose to lie, so long as you know as to why you do so.