Man Without a Home

Hello everyone, it’s been ages since i’ve updated.  I actually don’t have anything new for you guys quite yet, but soon i’ll post up my Transfer Personal Statement and see what you guys think about it.  For now though, I’m going to upload the Childhood Story that I have to tell in ASL.  It is a story that I’ve probably already mentioned on this blog, but here it is regardless.

One day when I was 14, I went christmas shopping in SF with (Raise Eyebrows) a friend.  (Maybe expand by saying we took bart to get there.)  We were at a cross street and the light turned green for us to walk.  She walked left to the other side, but I stayed behind.  Roleshift to my friend on the other side of the street who calls out to me, “Are you coming?”  Roleshift to me who replies, “Give me a minute.”  She watches me as I walk to my right and see (Raise Eyebrows) a man with a beard and without a home sitting on the ground.  I took out my wallet and reached for a dollar.  I pointed the dollar towards the man and said, “this is for you.”  Roleshift to the Man who looked at me and asked me how old I was.  Roleshift to me and I tell him I am 14 years old.  Roleshift to the Man who tells me “keep your money, you’re young.”  Role shift to me, I look surprised at his refusal as I smile and say “thank you.”  I wait for the light to turn green and walk back over to my friend on the other side.  Roleshift to (Raise Eyebrows) her who says “you’re too nice.”  Role shift to me, I smile and say, “sorry.”  We continue and walk off towards the mall.


That’s it for now, update in a few hours, thanks!


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