Justifying the Ways of God to Satan

Of Satan’s woes as enemy to Man
are we now to impose upon the Muse,
to ascertain the truth of Satan’s role
and shed some light on why heave’nly Christ must
perish for Man and bring them out of sin,
if God Himself could see Satan’s wrong deeds
and save the world and Christ of the ordeal?
Such answers given only when clouds part,
comes only when the time is near and past,
it must be in the next that God gives light
and reason why creation needed life
or devil, tempting Man to sin away
the bond of God in all perfection whole.
When God gives in and allows truth be told,
to he who has an ear and overcomes
the obstacles set forth to provide worth,
in choosing good among the sins that lie
makes value more in conflicts interact,
and sets forth good as higher than its shade,
of twisted good brought forth with too much pride.
It is of this sin that these two spoke of,
Father and son relationship renewed,
Of son’s plea as to why his role was such,
to be evil until this reborn world
allowed the birth of light’s revelation
in true redemption of the darkened skies
that followed Satan from the heavenly plains.
Christ, your son of divinity returned,
knows of why you allowed evil to reign.
His resurrected life brought you glory
and made him of and as the Word you spoke.
Yet I, victim of death and Hell itself,
Must suffer without knowledge of my fate.
Is it a predestined role to fulfill,
Or was it my own will that brought me pain?
Your own consent to reign on high or mine
that made myself Lord of fiery hell?
God spoke and meant all words said to his Son,
in hopes that He would be forgiven for,
the task that He set forth for victory
in saving not man but God almighty.
My two sons Christ and Satan sent to Earth,
one to redeem and one condemned to Hell,
one died as ransom for the sins of man
and one to die as villain for the role.
Satan made to bring a true salvation
from my own chains of power given true
to me from that which was and is as I,
who wished to give my light to thee divine.
Of my original intent I wished
For you of fallen angels be returned
and be the light instead of I for all
as part of the elected chosen ones.
Free will was yours as I allowed it you
to choose as wished by you upon your thoughts,
yet if you knew it was given by me,
my hope was that you’d give up choice to choose
and instead know yourself to be without
completion from the start without your God.
Yet you and those of chosen angels fell,
chose arrogance and pride that condemned self.
In truth, not even I have protection
from the inherent pride that comes from pow’r.
In all my might I find contempt and sin,
not against me but truly separate still,
that divided me from creation’s sight
and settle for the world’s adoration.
In sacrifice I made commitment true
To then begin to be the great I AM.
Your role I gave to humble you as I,
to replace me and be divinely wrought
into the God that timelessness fulfills
who was and is and is to come as willed.

Herein lies absolute speculation, albeit sensible.

People say that being sinful is more than doing the wrong thing, as right and wrong are subjective through our human perspectives, and the ways and eyes of God sees truth beyond our own, as such, sin is that which goes against God.
If God is inherently perfect and not sinful, then we can only use the word sinful in the sense that it goes against the wishes of God, which means God does not go against himself, as that makes no sense. So there is no basis to think that God does not sin, or have that which we may think is sinful, as we cannot think it not sinful either.

Examples. We as liberal Californians, might think that gay marriage is okay because the love is present. Yet, as a Christian, homosexuality is sinful not in the sense that it has a natural evil attached to two beings in love, but that it has a discrepancy between what humanity wants and what God wants. As such, Gay marriage is Sinful, because it goes against God’s intentions for man and woman, not that it is evil.

Let us now take something easily recognizable as evil, and refer to it as sinfulness. Murder. While we hate the idea of removing possibilities, as that is what murder would cause, we still realize War and fighting is a necessary tool for survival. To do something sinful for the sake of something honorable, sacrifice your humanity of being murder-free, and show your love to those you protect. So, this example is not clear enough to show a natural sin.

The example most commonly given is the idea of torturing babies. No subjective mind can conceive of a situation where torturing a baby is justified, so we can assume it to be a sin. Again, the word sin must be used in a clear, definable characteristic, the virtue of going against God’s wishes. If we simply say it is the natural wrong in our hearts, than our hearts would have misplaced worth in thinking it could discern right and wrong, good and evil. Torturing babies is sinful, because we know it in our hearts to be wrong. However, torturing babies is more clearly sinful, because God does not wish it. Very Good.

Now, to apply the notion of sin to the notion of the sinless one. God is perfect, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscence. If God has no sin, we can only apply that word as if it does not go against God. We cannot do as we wish and say that God does not sin, in that he does not have pride, does not have lust, does not have murder, does not have adultery, does not have coveteousness, etc. To say so is to twist the word of God. Nowhere in the bible does it say that the Lord is sinless, merely that his ways trump the ways of Man, and sin is a trait of man, and not of God. So, let us explore the ramifacations of God being capable of sin, namely, the sin of pride.

It is my humble belief that the natural tendency, or the natural theology, of the natural hearts of the living, both human and divine, are desiring Good. Yet, we see this problem of evil, that good has been twisted, and that we need Christ to restore us to the way things ought to be. If that is true, then by the end, we ought to be saved from sin, and free to roam as God intended, not as free of natural evil, but free of going against God. To be without sin is not to be without those traits that our hearts are reluctant to hold, but to be without that which goes against God’s intentions. See the problem? Sin never goes away if you look at it this way, the coming of Christ brings not the end of evil acts, but the end of those acts that go against the will of God. The side effect is that God’s will is love, for the world, as such, suffering will end, pain will cease, death will lose. All this is done through loving sacrifice of Christ. The problem, is for someone who is above the need of Christ, above the need of restoration from sin, because by definition, God is sin-less, in that he does not go against himself.

This means that although humans are free of sin, restored to the ways of God, and Christ gets rid of human suffering as a result of sin, and the acts which our true hearts know to be naturally wrong, God himself does not have to be free of sin. Truly, a tough concept to grasp. We are restored into a place of honor, for certain, as we dwell in the land of divinity, but we are not brought into equality with God, we are the Children of the Father. As such, it makes sense, naturally, for God to be possibly more free than ourselves, as the definition of God requires it of him. As such, God should have no restraints on the capability of sin, though for him, sin is not that which goes against God, but that which we naturally know to be evil. God can murder, God can steal, God can do as he wishes, as he is God. Most relevant to our wishes however, is the idea that God can be prideful.

If God is capable of pride, and he is omni-everything, than he ought to know the natural way of pride being against the way of life. It is most certainly against the way of God, but that is secondary to this inherent way of life that all life knows, that joy is pleasurable, despair is miserable. It is my belief that life can find its way back to its roots, to divinity as well as with God, through the special revelation of God and following his rule, which coincides with the rule of nature, even though God is above nature. However, it is also my belief that life can find its way back to its roots of spiritual essence, life itself, both human and divine, through the natural theology of the universe, which God himself makes his rules coincide with. I do hope it is not blasphemous to say, that there may be a source beyond God. However, it makes far too much sense poetically, to doubt it as an impossibility.

To the crux of the matter: if God is capable of sin, he is capable of pride. Pride is a naturally undesirable trait, if the heart knows itself and the universe for its natural truth. If God has pride, and he knows it to be sin, sin being the definition of naturally undesirable, then he would, naturally, seek to remove it. How so can one stop being God? God must always Be. The possibilty is that God finds a way to make humanity worthy of divinity.
Yet, think about all the traits of God thus far, in this tangent of time.

God is the great I AM. God knows of pride, as he knows himself to be God. God knows pride to be a sin, as the definition of “naturally undesirable.” God wishes to be rid of pride. To sum it up: God is aware of sinfulness, and has an intrinsic selfishness that wishes to be rid of sinfulness.

Simply by being God, he must exhibit the traits of pride, and in awareness of the “sin”, he exhibits selfishness in wanting to be rid of suffering from it.
-God comes into Being.
-God is Prideful, because he knows his status as God.
-Aware of “sinful” pride.
-Has Free will in selfishly choosing to get rid of His pride.
–Creates angelics with Free Will in the hope that they would be aware of natural “sin,” and give up their sovereignty.
–Freely choosing to give up their Free Will makes them worthy of becoming God.
—-Satan and the fallen angels fail, and succumb to pride.
—-God must send them to Hell, and must create a plan to humble these fallen Angels.
——-Man is created to humble Satan into being worthy of being God.
——-Satan must tempt Eve into giving humanity Free Will.
——-Humanity lives in sin, sin in the sense of being divided from God, as well as being in natural “sin.”
——-God in the Old Testament tries to get humanity to give up free will through obedience in His laws.
——-God in the New Testament sees that humanity has developed the awareness of compassion and recognition of natural “sin.”
——-God sends Christ to restore Humanity and offers forgiveness and heaven to those who see Christs’ Compassion and an awareness of “sin.”
——-God ends the Game, those aware receive Heaven, abject given Hell, Satan knows he has lost, as majority are saved.
———–At the End of the World, Satan speaks to God, chooses to give up his Free Will, and asks to know why he had to play the role of Satan.
———–God reveals his plan, and revokes his own title, and bestows it upon Satan, now free of pride, aware of natural “sin,” and worthy to be God.
Humans get to go to Heaven. Satan gets to become God.

My natural theory answers the question of why Man is made, but it doesn’t answer the question of why God is made.
Natural Theology of interconnectedness.
Perhaps it is to create people worthy of Heaven. However, that is a different subject, for another time. “Nothing worth having comes easy.” Then again, perhaps it’s not worth having it at all.
Once you have it, you wish to be rid of it. Choosing to be rid of it makes you worthy of Heaven. Herein is where the boundaries of being God and being in divine heaven are blurred, and we are raised to the natural intention of the World.

Satan is made for man to have free will.
Man is made for Satan to know natural “sin.”
Knowing natural “sin” makes Satan worthy of being God.
God relives himself of the title, and gives it to the fallen Angel.
Satan becomes the new God, with recognition of natural “sin” and good that trumps it.
Satan realizes pride in being God, wishes to be rid of it, as previous God.
Restarts plan by creating Angels, in the hopes that they may see natural “sin”
If they do not, previous plan must be resurrected, an angel must fall, tempt, and fail.
Realization of failure to trump God is realization of pride in thinking you could,
realization of this natural “sin” makes new angel rise to be God once more.