Milcah on the Phone

I know, I know. It’s been forever since I last posted and my first post back is a stupidly stupid conversation with someone none of you know, my 100th Post no less! It’s a shame to waste such a glorious number on just a friend. J/K, you know me. =P Definitely will write more this summer, hang tight, bye! =)

Milcah – What’s your last name?
Me – Yu.
Milcah – Crank that soulja boy…
Milcah – Haha. Get it? 😀
Me – Ahaha. I got it, I just forgot to laugh? =)
Milcah – You’re an ass. -_-
Me – Yu’re.
Me – Hah. Get it? =o
Milcah – You just turned the joke on me. You have achieved the double ass label. -_-
Me – So if two wrongs make a right, what do two asses make? =o
Me – You know what. Don’t think it out. You’re better off not knowing.
Milcah – Are you trying to apply math to an abstract concept? 0.0 BRING IT.
Me – Why would you assume that i’m looking for a fight? you know what they say, when you assume…
Milcah – You insolent little bitch! 0.o
Milcah – Okay, I gotta give you some props for that.
Me – =) no more! Let’s call it a draw, my phone can’t reply a rebuttal fast enough. Hah, butt. =P.
This is all way too circumstantial. 0.o You ever thought of stand up comedy?
Me – Nah. Can’t stand the limelight.


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