Human lives are so fleeting – why not grasp every opportunity for happiness that comes along?”

“I think you are confusing pleasure and happiness,” you tell her. “Yes, I could have pleasured myself with other girls. I would have enjoyed it, I’m sure. But that isn’t happiness.”

“I don’t understand,” Melissandre frowns. “Surely pleasure is happiness? Doing what you want to do, when you want to do it?”

“No,” you shake your head. “Happiness is something deeper, something beyond yourself. Happiness is truly loving, truly helping others, truly serving. These things last beyond the fleeting moments of pleasure that we might try to grasp along the way.”

“So… you never got to be with Zoey,” Melissandre points out. “Does this mean you will never be happy?”

You smile at her. “Quite the opposite. I loved an amazing girl. I was true to her. I gave my life to help her, to protect her. Because of that, she is fulfilling her destiny.”

“So, what you are saying,” Melissandre says slowly. “Is that happiness is sacrifice?”

“In many ways, yes,” you nod.