Attitude of giving, that keeps on giving.

It has been said that i’ve become far less logical than I once was.  Not quite sure why that is the case, I suppose perhaps it could be because I have stopped writing for me.  That will now cease, as writing will now commence.

In excess deeds one gets lost and forgets the meaning behind the deed along the way.

Choice is bad in the hands of those who do not choose with God in mind, it is not the case that one should give up choice altogether, for such choice is given by God, the giver of all good things, and to deny choice is to deny his greatest gift for which the son of God died for us to keep.

We are to tell God, i’m sorry that all the good that I try to do for you will amount to nothing good before you, as it goes through my sinful hands, and sinful hearts, all of what I serve to you is nothing you don’t have already, and let me never think it enough to serve you blindly, and instead do so intentionally, knowing full well that that which I make with my hands are that which you have already, and with that in mind, so Lord, accept this sinful offering from my sinful self, it is all I have to give. Like a father, pleased by a child’s mashed up rendition of a clay bowl or pot, the Lord is pleased by our sinful derivations with good intentions.

One will always choose to serve the Lord if one always remembers that the Lord chooses to serve you.
Serve you in giving you the opportunity to serve too, to give what you can, not as you ought, for as sinners we cannot give what we do not have, which is goodness, and so all of what we give is tinged with sin, yet, the Lord takes it and purifies it within, and makes such grace of God a testament to his power in our weakness as sinners.

We choose to be slaves of righteousness, but in the excess desire to be slaves, we forget what we are slaves to, and instead we become slaves to the idea of slavery, and righteousness is lost on well-meaning, sinful souls.

It’s not much, but here you are. The Lord is pleased.

Here you are, no one else is stepping up to the plate, so I felt compelled to give you this. The Lord is saddened.

I think it worse a sin to serve God with the wrong intentions
then to not serve God at all. For though we are called to serve, we are not called to serve blindly, without choice. Which is why the Lord calls us to be a living sacrifice, and not simply to be the bullet the Lord uses, but rather a rifle in the whole of God’s arsenal.  Not simply used once, but reloaded.

I may serve less, but at least one can serve without Satan using what we think we’re okay in doing, against us.

If the Lord loves a cheerful giver, does he hate a miserable one?

God is pleased with our weakness, when we choose to do something beyond our ability. It may be the case that your abilities have not reached its end yet, so weakness is not yet experienced, but my hunch is that the end of your abilities is reached, but so as not to show weaknesses, you push yourself beyond your abilities, and hope that next thing will please the Lord instead, but you get weaker and weaker each time, getting burned out from faith.

The problem is, the Lord won’t be pleased with this thing that you think he wants, because the Lord already has everything you think you can give Him. We are not to give till it hurts, then give some more, we are to give till it hurts, realize the hurt means that we are futile, weak, human sinners in need, and the Lord is pleased at our realization, and we have Him as our strength that renews our resolve to serve, as we remember He served us with the greatest of gifts, the gift of his one and only son, through death on the cross.

In the beginning it’s, because God called me, because God said so, but do you think the Lord is pleased by that?
Wouldn’t he rather be pleased by, because I want to, just as the Lord wants me to?




I have a hunch about me.

I am long-winded, I have too much backstory, too much intro, too much lead in, and therefore, confuse, or obscure, the point or truth, which is generally at the end of my longwinded verses.

Conclusion before Intro.

People get distracted, if I am long-winded.

Though I like to offer the logical steps I took to get to my conclusion, people do not understand the logical steps, get distracted by logical steps, and see what I say to be without a point.

That is not to say do not offer any backstory, just keep it shorter.

Couple problems, 1: I skip steps in my logic.
2: I am long-winded.
3: I have an overly-long lead-in to my conclusions, I do not put my main point first.
4: People get distracted, have difficulty following along, and see me as illogical, confusing.

Connecting today’s message to myself.

I am a lot like Pharaoh because I view people who criticize me as Pharaoh views Moses.
Did not have to have the lead in:

I think about our message today and how Pharaoh views Moses with a personal distaste, which leads to Pharaoh being unable to change, and unable to accept criticism. Which is the same as me who sees fellow brothers, Bryan Mau, as someone with a personal character flaw which leads to me not wanting to accept his criticism, and leading to me being unable to change. Which means I am a lot like Pharaoh because I view people who criticize me as Pharaoh views Moses.

I do not let people know where I am going.

Primer, Preface, helps people follow along.

Explain logic to topic.
reiterate Topic.


I say what my chain of logic leads to,

just because it makes sense, does not mean it’s right.

i’m okay with the idea that i might be lying.

people see it as pride in my hunches, as in blind trust on myself.

so mandatory

I like it longer, more time to think of conclusion that we are both working towards.

i say my hunches as if I truly believe it will be true.

i do not say it as if I adamantly say it to be true,

i say it because i adamantly see a connection.

skipping steps, wrapping statement in presentation.

They think of it as arrogance, if I talk about things I don;t know about, as if I do.

it’s not the fact that i’m right,

it’s the fact that I try to be right.

make it clear, that I am not sure, that I have doubt, that I am unsure, that it is not absolute.

perhaps hunches are actually wrong, perhaps hunches should not carry so much weight.

People make truth claims. I assume people don’t make truth claims,

the world is different than how I see it, though I have in my heart the absolute truth, that there is nothing absolute, the world itself at large makes truth claims, and that is the standard of the world, that people expect.

That way, when I speak, even though in my heart I know I do not say it with absolute conviction, other people see it as if I do, because they expect it from all of humanity.

I assume people won’t make expectations, assumptions, but they do.

I also interrupt people, a hunch of what you might say, and i say as if I know, which makes me arrogant.

The way I think the world is, and the way the world actually is, is different.

I make hunches based on a world of false assumptions.


ambiguity. double negatives.


Progressive Revelation, blessings in disguise.

Naivity about the world, idealistic about the world,

always try to be concise.